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  • Government structure

    Though I know this would be better placed under another heading, this is where the action is.
    Question: What is the major difference between:
    Selectman/town meeting

    I've tried to find the answer in from other resources but can not find the answer. And since this forum is the collection of all intellect and knowledge I'm asking here. Any takers?
    Need this info for my interveiw Thursday. Have a feeling it will come up(has in the past).

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    I'm not sure about the first two forms of local government. Here in Los Angeles, we have a city council and a mayor.

    The city council passes laws, votes on budget matters, confirms certain appointments by the mayor, etc. They are basically analogous to congress in the federal government. Basically, they are a one house legislative branch of local government.

    The mayor, of course, is the executive branch. He sets policies, makes political appointments (including the chief of police), and generally sees that the day to day business of government is carried out.

    Anyway, that's the broad outline. Hopefully, other people can jump in with information about the other two types of local government.


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      Up here we have the council/weak mayor system. The city council passes laws, budgets, hires departments heads, etc. The mayor is a figurehead. The council chooses one of its members as mayor for the term; I forget if the mayor's term is one or two years. The mayor has no more power than any of the councilmen. The mayor's only special duties are to preside over council meetings, and maybe to represent the city at functions. The city manager runs the day-to-day operations and reports to the council.

      The same applies for the county, except it's called the Board of Supervisors and the County Administrative Officer.
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        Mk, this is just speculation and somebody will probably come along and jump on my head over it but here goes nothing...

        Selectman is just another word for Rep.
        The council and mayor are the legislative and executive branches. The city manager is really the person running the show. Kind of a chief of staff if you will. Some are more powerful than others depending on how strong the mayor is.

        Biggest difference I can see is that the council and mayor are elected the manager is generally appointed/civil service.
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          That is what I thought. Was not 100% postitive though. Thanks.


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