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**** poor media


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  • **** poor media

    I am sitting here watching Fox News Live. they are talking about the 2 "persons of interest" the "Johns". Well any way the news anchor just now reports that "we just got word that LE is watching the John Muhhamad's girlfriends house."

    How fn stupid, they know that the guy watches the media reports., no point in wasting time at the g-friends house.

    Now she says that "JM" who is black may be tied in with white supremacists.

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    Well, uh, well... I got nothin.
    Concerning the difference between man and the jackass: some observers hold that there isn't any. But this wrongs the jackass.
    -Mark Twain


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      Our TV station, half a country away, has decided that it needs to link the sniper story to a local flavor so they have called asking for information about bullet "fingerprinting" (I referred them to the DPS lab) & want an interview with a sniper on our SWAT team to get an insight into what the sniper is looking for in a target (interview denied). They wanted us to comment on the investigation in Virginia (denied) & wanted to know what we would do if the situation occurred here (also denied). Finally, they wanted an interview on why law enforcement is relunctant to discuss the situation. So I spoke on why police won't speak. Guess what? It didn't make the newscast.


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        OK, this is somewhat off-topic but I had to get it off my chest.

        Headline from yesterday's USA TODAY:
        "Surviving the sadistic {my emphasis} .223 depends on many factors -- and one is luck"

        Does anyone want to inform Dan Vergano of USA TODAY that the US military has been using the 'sadistic' .223 for almost 40 years?
        Caution and worry never accomplished anything.


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          I hate the media, lying bastages.


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            i'm sick of the media thru this whole thing. i've read complaints on here before from officers regarding the media, and now i totally understand all of them. i really believe they'd rather get a story or push extra hard with that question that they KNOW cant get answered, than have these killers found.
            "You did what you knew how to do...and when you knew better, you did better." ~~Maya Angelou


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              One of our local talking heads said that "maybe these two guys are the lone gunman."


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                OTOH, without the media's covereage, the guy who saw the car at the rest-stop might not have known that it was them.


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                  Oh, dude! Greta van Sustern is making an *** out of herself now on Fox News!

                  She' "interviewing" a "neighbor" of Muhammed.

                  GVS: When did you meet John Muhammed?
                  N: I never did.
                  GVS: But you lived on the same street.
                  N: The next street over.
                  GVS: You never talked?
                  N: No.

                  It went on to a painful level, but it was great to hear her voice rise, thinking she's got the scoop that no one else has!


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                    I work for the media. I have been shooting TV news and specializing in the police beat for thirty-one years. Most of my friends are cops and my daughter is a Sac Co. Sheriff's Deputy. I am very proud of her!

                    As an insider with the media, I can understand your dislike of the media. BUT, not all journalists are idiots. I think most of today's reporters just don't have a clue when it comes to dealing with the real world and especially police officers and the way you folks work.

                    I think most photographers understand law enforcement much better than do reporters. We are more on the front line than the talking heads are. Of course, there are a few exceptions where a photog will do what it takes to get the shot. I have been known to do that myself... But, I would never put a police officer at risk for the sake of a shot. In fact, I received a Citation from Sacramento Police Chief for saving a police officer's life. I am proud of that too

                    I have had to explain to reporters why police just can't answer some of their questions. Some reporters believe that they are so special that everyone should be more than happy to give them answers. I am sure other photogs have had to explain the situation to reporters as well.

                    I can understand your frustration with and your dislike of the media. However, there is another side to this situation.

                    Just as the media has it's share of younsters out there who just don't understand, law enforcement has its share as well. I can't tell you how many times some kid has told me to move two blocks away while allowing other citizens to stand and watch. Usually, I can find a senior officer who knows me and they will introduce me to the rookie and everything goes back to being normal.

                    I was also upset with some of the information that the media released during the snipper incidents back east. I think the one report that bothered me the most was that a .223 round would go through a vest. I once saw a report on TV and a 'school' officer demonstrated how to remove a gun from a tripple threat holster. That was irresponsible of the TV station and unforgivable on the part of the school officer.

                    I know some of you can't help but think of the Rodney King video when you see a camera. But for the vast majority of you, you would have nothing to worry about with a camera on scene. I have, at least a dozen times, provided video and film to internal affairs to prove that police officers did nothing wrong during an incident where a complaint was filed. So, cameras can also save your butts!

                    Anyway, thanks to everyone of you who wear a badge! Please be safe.

                    [ 12-05-2002, 07:15 AM: Message edited by: Terry E. Toller ]
                    Without knowledge, the people will perish. King Solomon


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