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Authorities "stumped" by WA state link


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  • Authorities "stumped" by WA state link

    Posted for lack of something better to say about our world class disgraceful media, and the constant lack of ANYTHING they have to tell us about the DC shootings.

    In case you don't "get" the thread title, authorities in WA have confiscated a stump at a residence, and the talking head morons are reporting on it.

    I am disgusted with media coverage of this. The media need to STFU.

    [ 10-23-2002, 09:54 PM: Message edited by: MikeTx ]

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    The media has reached the point where theres a whole lotta talking with nothing being said.


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      Were I work at the local Gov (Screwed up as it is) keeps everything Hush Hush. Ask Groundhog or anyone from Atl area if much news comes out of the City of Decatur (not unincorparated Decatur). For instance this week some kid got hit by a car in Atl and news was on it. One got hit In Decatur, the only thing ive seen is an article shorter than this. When news calls and ask if anythings happning answer is always NOPE.


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        I know we have a need for news. But the greed for info and to be the first to report it is EXACTLY what this guy wants. They played right into his hands, just like they knew he would.
        But, the police obviously have much more info then we know. I think they are using the media for their own puposes, except for the talking heads. All of a sudden, EVERYONE is an expert. I can't believe some of the stuff said and the ideas thy could plant in peoples head.
        But I think they are being very very careful in this case as far as the media knows.
        We had an incident here where a little boy got a hold of a gun and killed himself. The parents were charged and 2 more devastated people I have never seen. As the left the court house, the media was all over them. But one cameraman was smart. He held back and showed what the MEDIA was doing to them. I mean, these cameras were right in their faces and their friends were trying to shield them. One woman got so desperate, she shoved a camerman and said, "Get away, all you stupid people. Can't you se how upset they are?" Media will do ANYTHING for a story.


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