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  • Trouble down under

    This is kind of long but interesting. I wonder if the women down there would like to have some way of defending themselves?

    70 [White]girls attacked by [Asian]rape gangs

    By John Kidman, Police Reporter

    POLICE examining more than 20 brutal sexual attacks on
    teenaged girls in just 10 months believe they have
    uncovered a frightening new crime associated with race.

    Hospital records and police data show that at least
    another 50 similar incidents have been reported in the
    Bankstown area of south-west Sydney over the past two

    The victims, one as young as 13, were allegedly lured to
    meetings then gang raped and horrifically humiliated.

    All of those suspected of perpetrating the acts come from
    the same cultural and religious backgrounds.

    Now police are concerned that the acts may become
    culturally institutionalised.

    They are now planning a social research program to
    examine the phenomenon and help them decide how to
    eradicate it.

    Fifteen youths and men have so far been charged with more
    than 300 offences relating to matters since mid-2000

    They are all of Middle Eastern extraction. None of those
    involved is presently before the courts.

    Their alleged victims have all been Caucasian, aged
    between 13 and 18.

    The attacks are continuing.

    In the most recent, up to two dozen offenders are
    suspected of taking part in the repeated violation of a
    teenager in a school yard at Guildford three weeks ago.

    In a chilling postscript, several of the group allegedly
    scrawled degrading slogans on her body.

    Before being brutalised, other victims have reportedly
    been questioned about their Australian heritage or forced
    to endure taunts about their attackers' prowess.

    Last August, an 18-year-old woman was allegedly raped 15
    times by 14 youths who passed her from one group of mates
    to the next after she was coerced from a train at
    Bankstown station.

    Allegedly assaulted in turn by four of the pack in a
    toilet, the woman was driven to further local locations,
    raped again and again and, as a final act of humiliation,
    sprayed down with a hose.

    Another victim was, the same month, dragged by the hair
    to a secluded park, stripped and held to the ground
    behind a shed, where she was allegedly defiled.

    In response to what was then thought to be an isolated
    rampage involving several groups of males, Detective
    Inspector Kim McKay was appointed to head Strike Force
    Sayda, which was given the task of halting it.

    As Sydney struggled to cope with the Olympics, 12 of the
    most experienced officers available were drawn from
    Bankstown and Crime Agencies.

    They had identified a nucleus of six to eight suspects
    who lived within a kilometre of each other, and as many
    again who were at least loosely connected socially.

    In tandem with a public appeal by then-Crime Agencies
    commander Clive Small for women to take sensible
    precautions, a string of arrests were made and at
    Christmas, Sayda began focusing on preparing briefs of
    evidence for the courts.

    In total, the strike force identified 17 sex attacks on
    20 teenagers.

    It laid charges in relation to eight of the matters and
    10 of the alleged victims.

    What emerged in the following months, however, was the
    grim reality that the problem hadn't gone away.

    A 16-year-old girl was savagely assaulted by at least a
    dozen males in Bankstown's Memorial Park on February 10.

    Drugged, severely traumatised and abandoned, she was
    found by her distraught father after failing to make it
    home the night before.

    A separate investigation was launched by another Crime
    Agencies branch, the Child Protection Enforcement Agency,
    which identified a cousin of a suspect in an earlier
    known assault from a DNA sample at the scene.

    Police believed the match suggested that what they were
    dealing with was bigger than the work of several
    semi-affiliated groups but still able to be linked.

    Although under legal and professional pressure not to
    discuss Sayda's work in detail, Inspector McKay issued a
    second warning to the community on March 11.

    Other officers made the point that those allegedly
    responsible for the Sayda rapes were said to have been
    expert at "luring" girls into compromising
    situations by using flattery, appearing to be the friend
    of a friend or offering to buy coffee or drinks.

    Unfortunately, the public didn't take heed.

    On the night of Wednesday, May 9, two girls were dragged
    into a car on Parramatta Road at Camperdown.

    Refusing the initial offer of a lift, they shared
    cigarettes with the two men they'd just met before
    walking towards their bus stop but never made it.

    Both were driven to Homebush, violently assaulted and

    In the wake of the last known assault, at Guildford on
    July 7, senior police this week conceded they were at a
    loss about how to prevent more attacks.

    According to one officer who spoke to The Sun-Herald,
    they were now dealing with an average of at least one
    Sayda-type incident every month.

    As a result, moves are under way to commission expert
    social research into the problem.

    The concerns come in the wake of controversy over Police
    Commissioner Peter Ryan's claim that crime is falling and
    previous remarks he made about ethnic gangs, which led to
    accusations of US-style racial profiling.

    Police have been hampered because in several cases -
    including some reported by a local hospital - the women
    have been unwilling to assist them out of embarrassment
    or fear of reprisals.

    And some were simply too traumatised to help.

    The Sun-Herald

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    My take on this stuff happening in Australia and other places that have made their citizens prey to criminals, is that they are stunned. They don't know what to do because they thought like many softheads, if the guns go so does the crime.

    Someone posted on a different thread here that it was happening in western Canada as well.

    Maybe they should pass a law against raping white women.


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      They are now planning a social research program to examine the phenomenon and help them decide how to eradicate it?!?!?!?!?


      I'll tell you HOW to eradicate it. Round up all the SUSPECTS, and the girl's DADS and lock them all in a room for a few hours. PROBLEM SOLVED!

      "When you guys get home and face an anti-war protester, look him in the eyes and shake his hand. Then, wink at his girlfriend, because she knows she's dating a *****."
      -Commanding General, 1st Marine Division


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        Well, two things spring to mind:

        First; Set up news reports on TV, in movie houses and with inserts in magazines that cater to the age group of the young ladies. Make this growing criminal activity known to the general public. There are also talk shows on TV and radio that could be used as a popular venue.

        Second: Make certain the guilty verdicts for these little weasels are broadly published and that newspapers, TV, radio and the internet report the sentence received for the crimes.

        Allow the police to do their job. If the public cries foul because the police concentrate only on the one racial group which appears to be responsible, so be it. For that matter, the older folks are not going to be the target, just the kids responsible.

        Get Aggressive, for crying out loud!

        ARTIE: Where are you on this subject?

        Jim Burnes


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          Originally posted by Jim Burnes:
          Well, two things spring to mind:

          ARTIE: Where are you on this subject?

          Jim Burnes
          He's figuring out if he can legally intervene or if he would be violtating a poor criminals rights!


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            Considering the serious nature of this thread Mike, I think your flame towards Artie was really uncalled for.


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              It was not a flame, it was a statement of my opinion on the state of law in Australia.


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                Originally posted by Mike Sullivan:

                He's figuring out if he can legally intervene or if he would be violtating a poor criminals rights!
                Sounds more like a flame to me. Don't see any mention here about Australia's politics.


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                  Shooter hit the nail on the head with this one. This problem can be solved by some good old kick *** police work, not by a social research program.

                  There is a large number of attacks, with a nice long list of suspects, and I am sure there is lots of good evidence available. I dont know who the moron is who thought a social research program would solve this problem but whoever did is way off base. The best way to eradicate this phenomenon is to apprehend those responsible and go trial and get some long prison sentences for these guys.

                  Now I personally believe that an attack this vicious and shocking to the conscience warrants the death penalty. I promise you that these attacks would stop really quick if those arrested and found guilty were given an appointment with "ole sparky".


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                    Mike and Copper2Be: please, gentlemen, lets not take the issue any further.
                    [email protected] "Where there is love, there is no imposition"- Albert Einstien.


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                      I promise not to if there are no further slags against people unecessarily. Perhaps you were joking Mike and I did not catch the pun. If that is the case I sincerely apologize. It is very hard to tell sometimes when someone is joking because you don't see the smiles or body language. However, if you were doing it to get a rise out of Artie....


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                        I believe this is a good place to use the DNA testing. If you have suspects, who naturally are saying they did not do it, you can place them at the scene or otherwise comitting the assaults by DNA. I do not know how well the aussie crime labs are but I bet if you took a couple of the young adults to court with the evidence from DNA testing and it stuck the number of attacks would drop rapidly. This is a farce that they are not seemingly doing anything to keep these attackers from attacking again but with the info provided that is what it seems like.

                        Are you a Veteran? If so join AMVETS the only organization that accepts all vets no matter when or where they served. Contact me for more info.


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                          Sometimes I think Australia lacks any real understanding of criminolgy. We certainly seem to ignore the findings of overseas countries, especially if it means abiding by the god(ess) of 'political correctness'.

                          The following is a paper by the Australian Institute of Criminology. Read the full report. Do LEOs have similar complaints in the USA - lack of research knowledge being passed along? Or, in a cynical mood, is this just an excuse to justify a salary or two for some academic?


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                            Sorry Artie, I wasn't really picking on you.


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                              I'll tell you HOW to eradicate it. Round up all the SUSPECTS, and the girl's DADS and lock them all in a room for a few hours. PROBLEM SOLVED!

                              Amen, Then let the dads cut it off. No more raping for these young men.
                              "To each his own"


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