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  • Oink
    Hey, Lictalon:
    The mouthy kid reminds me of a little quote from 'Full Metal Jacket'

    Gunnery Sergeant Hartman, Drill Instructor(Full Metal Jacket):
    Who said that? Who the f**k said that? Who's the slimy communist sh*t twinkle-toed c***sucker who just signed his own death warrant?

    Hahaha!!!!! [Wink]

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  • Mitzi
    lol Reminds me of the woman on Dr. Phil. She ws married and having an affair. But her married boyfriend wouldn't leave his wife as she had done for him (left her husband).
    Dr.Phil: So, tell me why you called his wife and revealed the affair.

    stupidwoman: Because I left my husband for him and he wouldn't leave her for me

    DrPhil: Do you know the devastation you caused this woman?

    stupid woman: I didn't mean to hurt her.

    Dr. Phil: Well, what was it then? A gift? A "Hi, I'm ruining your marriage", What?"

    stupidwoman: I'm confused

    Dr. Phil: No, you are incredibly manipulative, immature and meanspirited.

    stupidwoman: (too shocked to speak the rest of the show)
    Anyway, stupid woman married stupid woman and he was there because "he couldn't trust her"

    Dr.Phil to stupidman: Good Lord, man, she cheated WITH you. How can there be any trust in a marriage such as yours? Both of you devastated 2 other people and you come on my show and it's still all about YOU?

    Dr. Phil: (shakes head and goes to commercial)

    [ 01-03-2003, 07:27 PM: Message edited by: Mitzi ]

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  • Tprspouse
    Consider yourself lucky. A guy in the next town over went home and couldn't find his house. His irate, jealous girlfriend burned it down. (Hubby had the satisfaction of arresting her after she confessed to him. Why? She loves him. LOL I guess looks can get you somewhere! )


    Springfield, Vermont-January 3, 2003

    A Springfield woman is due in court today on arson charges. Police say 41 year old Nancy Bartlett started a fire at the home of her former boyfriend, 31-year-old Andrew Blaise. No one was home at the time of the fire, the house is considered total loss. Bartlett is being held for lack of $5-thousand dollars bail.

    She is due in court later today

    [ 01-03-2003, 06:57 PM: Message edited by: Tprspouse ]

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  • InSane1
    *** APLAUDES!***
    CLASSIC!!!! CLASSIC!!!!!! I enjoyed that.... A LOT.
    Sorry you had a bad day Lictalon.

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  • Lictalon
    started a topic Rotten Day

    Rotten Day

    Okay, yesterday was a snow day, so we got an a day added to Christmas break. Hua! Spent it doing things teachers do on days off; sleeping, eating, and whining about going back to school.

    This morning I woke up in a great mood. I didn

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