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Any of you have valuable baseball cards?


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  • Any of you have valuable baseball cards?

    I was wondering if anyone in here has
    some valuable rookie cards of baseball
    players. I am not even interested in
    trading any of mine, but here are the
    good ones I have.

    1. Cal Ripken Jr. - only have one, but
    it was officially rated as a flawless
    card. This one will be worth big $$$$
    after he hits the HOF.

    2. Mark McGwire - I have 3 of these.
    Mark, if he stays around long enough
    could break Hank Aaron's HR record,
    if he doesn't stay around another 4 years,
    he will either retire as the 4th man
    to hit 600 or more homeruns, or retire
    as only the 3rd man to hit 700 HRs.
    His card will be a real good one.

    3. Barry Bonds - not in perfect condition,
    but Bonds will retire in the 600 maybe
    even 700 HR club.

    4. Mike Pi***a - I have several of his,
    he will retire with over 500 HRs, which
    is unheard of for a catcher. Then throw
    in his amazing batting averages! This
    will be a real valuable one.

    5. Ken Griffey Jr. - when Junior gets
    back and healthy, he will at least retire
    with 500 HRs, maybe even 600.

    6. Juan Gonzalez - another guy who will
    retire with 500 HRs.

    7. Chipper Jones - well on his way to
    a 500 HR career.

    8. Luis Gonzalez - another probably 500
    HR guy, not to mention he has a shot at
    hitting 60 HRs this year.

    I have to look through my big box and
    see what other ones I might have.

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    I've got a '90 (or is it '91) Upper Deck Sammy Sosa, which is his Rookie card. Unfortunately, this is the only real valuable I have left from my old collection.

    Complete '89 Upper Deck set(first year of what is argueably the best looking set of all time).

    The ones that got away...

    '78 Jack Morris Rookie
    '79 Ozzie Smith Rookie
    '80 Rickey Henderson Rookie...I had SEVERAL!!!
    '81 Fernando Valenzuela and Tim Raines
    '82 Ripken Rookie...several
    '83 Wade Boggs Rookie...a few
    '84 Don Mattingly Rookie...a couple
    '85 McGwire pre-rookie(U.S. Olympic baseball team) 4 or 5 of them.

    How did I get them? I got into collecting hot and heavy in '79 when I was 13. By the time '81 rolled around, a pack or 10 at a time wasn't enough, I was buying boxes.

    How did they get away? Necessity...plain and simple. I sold them off one by one when times got tough.


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      My boys have been collecting baseball and hockey cards for years, with the majority being hockey. They literally have thousands of them.

      I don't know what year, or even what make of card, but I know they have Sammy Sosa, Mike Pi***a, Ken Griffey Jr., Nolan Ryan, and Cal Ripkin Jr., that are worth money.

      Hockey they have Lindros, Lemieux, Gretzsky, Jagr, and others, that Beckett tells us is worth money. Not sure how dependable of a source it is though.

      My boys just enjoy collecting.


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        I remember getting a Mickey Mantle(sp?) card when I was in the 2nd grade. Since I was only interested in the bubble gum....I threw it away.
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          I have collected cards since I was a kid. I have so many cards that it drives my wife crazy. I collected cards with my dad and now I collect cards with my sons.

          1909 T206 x10 no one famous
          1953 thru 2001 various cards
          1956 Ted Williams
          1957 thru 1965 Mickey Mantle at least 1 card from each year some of the years I have 2 or 3.
          1972 thru 2001 Nolan Ryan
          1985 Mark Mcgwire
          1986 Barry Bonds
          1986 thru 1999 Michael Jordan
          1989 Ken Griffey JR.
          1990 Sammy Sosa

          I guess thats enough, I also have autographs from all of the above mentioned. I am always looking for older cards they are my favorite.



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            I truly envy whoever is fortunate enough to
            have a Mickey Mantle Rookie card. It is
            worth over $50,000. No, that is not a


            • #7
              My most valuable are a Sandy Koufax rookie card (1955), and a 1968 Mickey Mantle. I also have an old tobacco card of Eddie Cicotte, who was the star pitcher of the 1919 White Sox and was subsequently thrown out of baseball. It's not worth as clost to as much as the others, but it's still a nice collectible.

              No matter how good they end up being, cards of today's stars will never be worth as much as the cards of the players in the past. The reason cards from 30+ years ago are worth so much is because there just aren't many of them out there. Today, everyone who collects cards has seen the cards from the 50's through the 70's go up so much, they will never throw theirs away. While certiain cards will surely command a premium price, you will never again see a $50,000 rookie card...or even anything close to it.

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                MOST VALUABLE??? Mickey Mantle...1968? THAT was when I was in 2nd grade. JEEEEEEZZZZZZZZZ........!
                "When you guys get home and face an anti-war protester, look him in the eyes and shake his hand. Then, wink at his girlfriend, because she knows she's dating a *****."
                -Commanding General, 1st Marine Division


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                  I never was really into cards, or baseball for that matter, but I do have one card. It's a Bleachers, Cal Ripkin Jr. 23KT gold foil card comemmorating his 2,131 consecutive games played, breaking Lou Gehrig's record on Sept. 6, 1995. It says on the certificate of authenticity that there were 36,000 of them made and mine is serial numbered in the low 5700 range. It's in mint condition, sealed in a plastic card holder. I'm interested in selling it but don't really know what it's worth. If any of you collectors want to look it up an let me know I'd sure appreciate it.
                  Road Warrior

                  "Every man dies, not every man really lives"


                  • #10
                    Road Warrior,

                    I wouldn't even entertain the thoughts
                    of selling that until Cal Ripken is
                    put in the HOF, it will take off in value
                    big time.

                    I have several good rookie cards, but
                    the Cal Ripken Rookie is the only one I
                    have that I see being worth huge bucks
                    one day.

                    The other one that might carry a nice price
                    tag is the Mike Pi***a rookie cards, he
                    has a chance at being the only catcher to
                    ever hit 500 homeruns.


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                      Sold off my whole collection years ago for half of what it was worth I did keep my Brett Favre rookie though. Go Packers!
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                        Thanks Highwayman. I won't let it go anytime soon. I still want to know its appox. value right now though.
                        Road Warrior

                        "Every man dies, not every man really lives"


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                          My son is a big collector of baseball cards but I don't know if he has any valuable ones. I'm sure he does. I remember him mentioning a card he had that was a misprint that might have some value but I don't know how much. He is the BIGGEST Atlanta Braves fan in the world. I think he bleeds red, white and blue. I used to love watching him deal with dealers when he was younger. He knew how to do it.
                          He has a friend that is a pro baseball player in triple A right now. He grew up with him and was SO thrilled when he made it to the majors. He has a lot of his cards.....Kevin Witt.


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                            Road Warrior

                            What company made the card ie upperdeck etc.



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