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Cop Caught Crooning About Crim Plan


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  • Cop Caught Crooning About Crim Plan


    Cop Caught Crooning About Crime Plan
    Associated Press Writer

    CHICAGO (AP) _ A deputy caught on tape singing about his plan to steal ammunition from a sheriff's shooting range was convicted of conspiracy to possess stolen ammunition.

    William Jarding, 45, was convicted Friday after one hour and fifteen minutes of deliberations _ exactly the time of the tape the jurors heard.

    "When they go to lunch, hi, ho!" Jarding is heard singing on a tape made by FBI wiretappers Nov. 4, 1998, while monitoring the home phone of corrupt Chicago gang crimes officer Joseph Miedzianowski.

    "Hi, ho! There the ammo go," Miedzianowski sings back.

    Miedzianowski was convicted in April 2001 of running a $2 million Miami-to-Chicago cocaine pipeline and is expected to get life in prison.

    He also was found guilty of handing out guns and ammunition to the Imperial Gangsters, Spanish Cobras and other drug-selling street gangs.

    Federal prosecutors believe Jarding helped himself to ammunition at a sheriff's firing range where he was an instructor and passed it along to Miedzianowski in return for various favors.

    Among other things, Miedzianowski fixed up longtime friend Jarding with a $100-a-night moonlighting job checking the IDs in a tattoo parlor.

    Defense attorney Cynthia Giacchetti said Jarding believed he was allowed to take ammunition from the range. She said Jarding was kidding when heard on tape saying he would furnish ammunition to Miedzianowski.

    A federal raiding party in 1998 discovered a stash of 50,000 rounds of ammunition in Miedzianowski's home. Most of the boxes had been removed from the original cartons. But two cartons had Cook County stamps on them.

    U.S. District Judge Matthew F. Kennelly set sentencing for Feb. 5.
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