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all time best home remedies for colds?


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  • all time best home remedies for colds?

    I have no sick time, but am off tonight.

    My mother would say I woke up this a.m. with a sore throat because we didn't have our hats on yesterday. (*I* don't have a hat badge yet, so my FTO forewent his so we'd match) It was snowing ever so lightly, but raw and cold.

    I'm more inclined to blame not enough sleep, too much worry, and not eating real food.

    At any rate. I just did a sinus-cleaning Cajun Chicken soup for supper... Am thinking of running to town for honey & cider vinegar... (mmmm and mebbe some Schapps??) What are your favorite home remedies that WORK???

    Slept most of the day, will sleep tongiht, gotta work tomorrow... [Frown]

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      Ok, seriously. Sex

      I am using Zicam right now for a head cold that is coming on. Both my wife and I have had good success with their products.

      Hope ya feel better soon.


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        The only OTC meds I take for colds are regular Tylenol or Motrin. Other than that, it's plenty of orange juice and hot tea w/honey.

        My mother used to swear by Vicks, and although it smells gross, I think it did help, although I would never put that stuff on me now. I just sweat it out.

        Lots of fluids and rest is pretty much all you can really do (unless someone has the miracle cure I haven't heard of yet).

        Hope you feel better soon.


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          For the severe sore throat - antibiotics. Vicks does have something to do with making it easier to breath so you're able to get your rest. Rest & sleep are about the best thing if you can afford the time. The body is an amazing machine & will take care of itself if given the proper amount of time. The problem there is...who has time? Otherwise it's plenty of Vitamin C & Chicken Noodle Soup. Good luck!


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            1 teaspoon of sugar/honey laced with 3 TABLESPOONS of Jack Daniels.
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              ah, Shooter, I want to get better, not pass out... lol!

              did the honey & cider vinegar thing last night x3 (1tbsp each, manage to swallow without yakking) and no sore throat this a.m. Still stuffy and achey, so pounding the ibuprofen & juices.

              I HATE being sick. And it's cold and sneet & frizzle (snow/sleet/freezing rain/drizzle) and the furnace guy isn't here yet. WAH. [Frown]

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                Nyquil, 2 beers put on sweats, socks, crank up the heat, go to bed and sweat it out. It kicks the cold every time.


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                  One thing that I found that works on a chest cold:

                  Get in a VERY hot bath (as ot as you can stand it) and SIP a couple of fingers (ounces) of your favorite adult beverage (liquor).

                  When you get out of the tub, put on sweats or warm PJ's and get into bed.

                  Normally, I'll sweat it out by morning.

                  If nothing else, you'll sleep like a baby
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                    16 oz. glass of whiskey and a straw!!!
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                      What seems to work best is my wife nagging me until I set up an appointment with the doctor. Usually I get better before I, a stuborn male, make the appointment.
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