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An itchy situation


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  • An itchy situation

    My youngest has poison ivy and it is driving us both insane. He's extremely uncomfortable and the itching is driving him crazy. This is day 3 with it and it's really hard for him not to scratch. He's gotten to the point of tears a few times because the itching was so bad.

    I've tried Calamine, Aveno bath, brown soap and Benadryl, and they really haven't helped much. The Benadryl I only give at night because it makes my son sleepy.

    Short of a cortisone injection for the itching and swelling, anyone else have any remedies or suggestions to offer? Thanks in advance.

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    I found this site that has several remedies.


    I hope this helps.
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      Thanks uber. Very much appreciated. Some pretty interesting remedies there...some I intend to try, some I'll just have to pass on, like putting urine on my son's skin. That's just downright nasty when you think about it.


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        OK Katey.. here is what you need to do...

        Prednisone will clear the poison ivy up in days.. much faster than calamine lotion, benadryl etc.. Your doctor can prescribe it over the phone even.

        Have him prescribe atarex for the itching. It is an anti-itch medication that actually works!

        /me speaking from two years of bad experiences of poison ivy!
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          A friend of mine was helping her husband clear some brush away and got into poison ivy big time. A call to a dermatalogist has it cleared up really quick, katey.
          Poison ivy and poison oak are miserable stuff!


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            Dear Katey,

            Try Bepanthene...its not my suggestion...my mother said that...and she knows what she says...Hope everything will be ok soon.
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              Kaytey, I am sorry your son is so uncomfortable

              The rash will peak on about day five. The blisters will break open and begin to ooze; healing will take about two weeks. Keep an eye out for symptoms such as: swollen lymph nodes, fever, or if the blisters continue ooze longer than two weeks. Any of these symptoms indicate the need for medical attention, and some people require antibiotic treatment. Let him splash around in a warm bath with bazing soda or Aveeno, when the itching gets just too much. Clothing and shoes that have come into contact with Poison Ivy should be washed.

              Rachel has some great advice. If you are finding that the rash is interfering with his normal ability to do things; you may want to give your doc a call, and have him prescribe medication for your son.

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                I broke out in a rash about 2 years ago. I think it was stress over my sons illness and his sad divorce but I finally couldn't stand it anymore. I didn't care where I got it, I just wanted it GONE. I finally went to my dr and he prescribed a prescription cream. I was stunned when they said it was $30. But, a person without insurance would have had to pay150$$$!!!!!
                I will say it cleared up the rash really pronto like. But, wow! It was an expensive cream!


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                  My grandmother would alays use mud. Don't cringe just yet. It has a natural healing property in it that also takes the stings out of ant bites and bee stings.
                  "To each his own"


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                    1/2 cup common oatmeal with 1/4 cup water and lath that over the rash...works immediately to cool down the itching and will reduce the swelling.

                    Your welcome


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                      I've heard of the oatmeal remedy but Momma used to make a paste with baking soda that worked well on hers. Good luck!


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