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Air Hogs Toy Airplanes


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  • Air Hogs Toy Airplanes

    Air Hog Toy Airplanes
    New toy turns thirty-five year old police sergeants into twelve year old children!

    So have any of you seen this or played with one of these??????

    My Chief recently bought a house and is in the process of remodeling it. I was visiting him while he worked on this house the other day and we were talking about Christmas, while he drove nails. Normally focused and ultra-serious, he stopped ABRUPTLY in mid-sentence, and said, "Have you seen my son's plane?" He was wide eyed as he asked, and I told him I hadn't.

    He put his hammer down, went to his truck and got this toy airplane out. At a distance, it looked like a radio controlled plane, but then I saw the "pump" that goes with it.

    The short description is that this plane is ULTRA lightweight plastic and foam, but has an internal air chamber that will store compressed air from it's pump.

    It even has a true miniature piston engine!!!

    When you remove it from the pump after filling the chamber, the prop is still, but you "flick" it sharply clockwise, and it begins turning at high speed.


    We had fun even though on his new property, several trees blocked it from any long flights.

    I HAD to have one!!!! I told my wife I wanted one and she laughed. I (intentially) said in a very childish voice, "Gavin's (the chief's son) got one!!!!!"

    We got mine a few nights ago, and it is considered another Christmas gift. I played with it for a couple hours yesterday. It comes with a second wing in case you break the original. You can order more if you need them. They are VERY rugged though-mine hit the deck twice, the house once, and made several nose dives from altitude, and suffered no damage. The only frustration was not being able to make it fly "straight", but you can play with the flaps and experiment.

    NEAT TOY!!!!!!!
    People have more fun than anybody.

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    Too cool. My wife and I just had a son and I can't wait until he starts getting cool toys. I really dig the two packs of remote control cars that Costco sells from time to time. He (we) will be sure to get stuff like that at X-mas.

    Perhaps I should get an Airhog now so that I can be proficient when he turns 5.
    If you see me running try to keep up!


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      Sounds like a lot of fun.

      You know something; we never grow up.
      Never make a drummer mad- we beat things for a living!


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        I know what ya mean. My son (soon to be 2) is going to have all the cool toys. I can hardly wait.... WE did get a cool HotWheel track for Christmas...


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