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  • Chickenfoot!

    Pigskin made a comment about playing Chickenfoot dominoes. Pigskin, I LOVE to play Chickenfoot! Does anyone else have games (be nice now) they like to play?
    I learned to play Chickenfoot from my HUSTLER aunt. She innocently asked if we liked to learn. We were having a geat time but she was always winning. I finally put my hands on hers (She's 67) and said, "WAIT A MINUTE!" She started giggling. I said,"YOU are a RINGER! A HUSTLER!" She started laughing so hard, she held her sides. My husband said, "What do you mean?" I told him she was counting dominoes and that she had probably been playing Chickenfoot all her life. She laughed so hard, she took her glasses off to wipe the tears from her face." Everyone was dying laughing. I said, "My OWN AUNT!" I mimicked her voice saying, "Would y'all like to play dominoes? I know a cute little game?" By this time, she was lauging so hard, she couldn't talk.
    I explained to my husband that she had been playing this probably since before I was born and she played us for PATSYS! At that, she got up, doubled over with laughter. All of us were cracked up. A little old lady HUSTLER! lol

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    One of my retired partners got us playing chickenfoot a few years back. He cheats too. [Wink]

    When you get two active duty cops, one retiree, and his wife (an IRS investigator) playing dominoes, the competition is fierce, very cut-throat. We even refer to the double blank as the b*tch, cuz when you get stuck with itand can't play it, it's a b*tch!


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      There's a lot of games I love. Mostly Scrabble, Boggle(that's a word game), Chess(taught my daughter to play), Cribbage, Poker, and other card games, Yahtzee, and even Monopoly if there is time(that game can go on FOREVER! [Eek!] ). And, I LOVE Trivial Pursuit, and have yet to be defeated at that game(but I probably will).

      My father-in-law taught my daughter to play chickenfoot dominoes. I need to sit down, and see how that goes.

      What we need around this place is a family game night. No computer, no TV, no phone, just a little family time, with simple fun.
      Never make a drummer mad- we beat things for a living!


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        It's really fun, DMS. I also love Pictionary. EVERYONE wants to be my partner because I'm an artist and my strength is drawing. We were playing this game with this same aunt and uncle and cousins. My husband was partners with my uncle. I was with my cousin, my aunt with my other cousin. The word was "cauliflower" and I had it drawn in like 3 seconds. But my aunt smile and motioned to my cousin to say nothing. There was my uncle, laboriously drawing this picture. Well, my husband couldn't get it so my cousin yelled it out. My husband said, "Ronnie, WHAT is this? It doesn't look anything like a caulifloer." Turns out his grandson loved to eat raw cauliflower while watching TV and that's what he was drawing! LOL! My husband said, "HOW in the world was I to know this was about cauliflower, Ronnie?" He just grinned that country grin! lol


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          We had a BIG game Wednesday night with 8 people playing. I wound up losing. And I was wrong on it being 12-sided dominoes, it's just 9. I like playing 42 & regular dominoes, too. Can't find anybody to play chess with. I like thinking strategy type games.


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