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DAMN Drunk drivers


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  • DAMN Drunk drivers

    A few nights ago, work crews were working late at night. There was a cop there, lights flashing for their safety.
    Of course, that wasn't enough. A drunk comes along and hits and kills a work crew member. Doesn't even know it, keeps on driving. The cop has to run him down. Another good person lost to stupidity.

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    My son had a close call several years ago when he first went out on his own and moved to Arizona.

    Some friends of his dropped by and asked him if he wanted to go with them somewhere. Ordinarily he would have jumped in their van and gone. This time for some reason he just wasn't in the mood so he said no.

    On the way to wherever they were going the van broke down. The three boys were on the highway side of the van trying to fix it. Their girlfriends were sitting in the grass on the opposite side of the van. Along came the drunk driver, hit the van and killed all three of the boys. If my son had gone with them, he would probably have been killed also.


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      How sad, Snoopy...for their parents, for the girls that had to witness it, for what they coul have been in this world.
      My son is 26 and can't drive right. So he used to go with his buddies a lot. He doesn't anymore. Most of them are married now. There are no more "parties" he thought I didn't know about. Maybe there are, I don't know. But each time he would leave the house, this teenage puppydog that thought he was immortal, I said a prayer to God.
      Tomorrow is never given. I just thank God for my family each day.


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        It's such a waste when this happens and the sad thing is the drunk is usually not hurt at all.

        My cousin hit and killed a mother and baby daughter several years ago. I don't know what his BAC was but if he had even had one or two drinks he should not have gotten behind the wheel.

        He spent a few years in prison for involuntary manslaughter and is out now. The mother and child are gone forever, makes me sick. I know he lives with that, but I wonder if it really bothers him or if time has erased it some.

        Hey, I like to have a few myself, but I don't drive when I'm out for the night. I walk or ask someone for a ride. No d*amn shame in that.

        Sad, really Sad! [Frown]
        Criminals prefer unarmed victims.


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          I wouldn't mind if we did like Germany and banned one's license for life after their first DUI. Not that it would stop alot of people, all the same...
          Concerning the difference between man and the jackass: some observers hold that there isn't any. But this wrongs the jackass.
          -Mark Twain


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            You know, I don't understand WHY this happens. Don't people read newspapers about tragedies? My son was always of the mindset, "It's not going to happen to me". He's never gotten a DUI. But we told him, when he worked for a grocery store, that, if he had ANYTHING to eat, drink, ANYTHING, he better have a receipt. Did he listen? Of course not. He even did the leave-the-beer-by-the--back--door--for--his--buddies thing. I mean, How smart was that? I rememeber my H just loseing it with him and screaming at him, "WHAT DID WE TELL YOU?" And we got the , "But Dad, everyone else was doing it" bit.
            All we ever heard was the bad things his FRIENDS did...He NEVER did anything wrong, of course. But he was with a friend who was driving and was stopped for DUI. Maybe it made an impression to hear his friend be read his rights, be handcuffed and lead to the back of a police car. They told my son he could ride with him and call us from the station but our son called us from a pay phone. He was pretty shook up when we got there.

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