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Stinking Massive Pig Farms!


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  • Stinking Massive Pig Farms!


    The subject of pig farms and their immense amount of waste is in the news. Stories describe multi-acre waste lagoons and subsequent health risks to neighbors. Have any of the people here been so lucky as to have one in their patrol areas?

    Or maybe even live near one?

    Jim Burnes

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    Nope...just a LITTLE one that THINKS it's a BIG one...LOL Just wait until June-August gets here! BARF!

    BTW....THIS is the DIRECT result of BIG corporations running the family farms into the ground. It will only get worse.

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      On the subject of Corporate farms;

      - Price is the main determinant for food purchase decisions by consumers, who put a lot of effort into finding the lowest price.

      - Due to economies of scale, volume buying etc. large corporate farms have a lower cost of production and can then profit with a lower selling price.

      Therefore in a marketplace where low price is king, the large corporation will outcompete the family farm. I know it's not nice to hear(expecially if you come from a farming family like me), but it seems to be the truth.



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        There was a small pig farm near where my parents live years ago but the county bought the land and turned it into a nice park


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          What can I say? I'm from Iowa- #1 pork producer in the state. I'm afraid those large scale hog confinement facilities are a necessary evil today. With all the small farmers getting out of the business, and large scale corporations getting into the act, that's the price of progress.

          We have had more than one instance of irresponsible, greedy idiots dumping raw manure into creeks and rivers, etc., and the state nailed their *** to the ground but good! All for the sake of saving a buck of two.

          Sorry; I like my pork chops, pork steak, ham and cheese sandwiches, etc., so I among many tolerate those stink factories.

          One of the main reasons a lot of those confinement facilities stink so bad is because the farmers have too many hogs in there for what the building was designed for, and another is, they're just negligent about cleaning it out!
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            ohhhhhhhhhh ..... you were talking about pig farm literally .... I thought you were talking about police academies .... *lol*
            I want to die in my sleep like my grandfather ... not screaming and yelling like the passengers in his car.


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              Rio Hondo Pig Farm? I think I like it! 'Course I like FLETC Pig Farm better!

              Glad to see you back here H8!

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                I ride motorcycles in Eastern NC near several and wow what a smell, no way could I live near one, could never get used to that.


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