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some questions...please respond


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  • some questions...please respond

    i plan on persuing a career in a federal agency or a regualr lea, upon completion of college. i plan on doing the Marine Corps reserves while im in college. i plan on majoring in political science with a minor in criminal justice. i also plan on obtaining a pilots license. will the reserves, my degree, and my license make me competitive for the FBI or another a municipal pd? i have a few other questions. recently for lifeguarding i took the pip colorblindness test and failed. however, i can pass the falant colorblindness test. if i can pass one but fail the other, would i be good to go for selection. if not, do you know of any other agencies that would accept me. also, growing up i had very slight scoliosis which had already corrected itself, and i no longer have it. but becuase ive had it in my past, will i be disqualified. thank you for your time. i appreciate any tpe of help or advice you can give me. i am very open to suggestiong. thanks again.

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    Moving to ask a cop.

    BTW, is your pilots license for fixed or rotary? Some depts use fixed wing, a lot use rotary.

    I'd suggest you look at US Customs since they have an air branch and do a sh*tload of air interdiction. And they hire people straight in as pilots. Another suggestion would be the Border Patrol, again, they use a lot of pilots.


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