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  • SWAT the movie

    I read a blurb on CNN that they are going to make a movie based on the SWAT tv show. What are everyones thoughts on this?
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    No Hollywood movie will ever get the SWAT concept right.

    As a matter of fact, Hollywood should never get the training or actual operations right.

    Jim Burnes


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      I wonder if they will all have those same cool names like "Hondo" and sport 1970ish lambchop sideburns?

      Oh yeah when they depoly they all have to grunt hut hut hut hut as they run to the objective.

      Sign me up with the casting director
      Boo! Scared ya did'nt I


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        [QUOTE]Originally posted by swatbwana:
        Oh yeah when they depoly they all have to grunt hut hut hut hut as they run to the objective.

        Ya mean its not real when they all leap from the van screaming GO, GO, GO ?



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          You mean, real SWAT guys don't have cool nicknames and grunt "hut-hut-hut" as they rappel down the sides of skyscrapers?

          As a kid SWAT was my FAVORITE cop show. Now I'm disappointed.


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            I'm really surprised it's not on TVLand or Nick at Night. I liked the show, too. Looking back, not realistic, but, hey the good ones aren't!


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              There is one good movie based upon SWAT techniques...........It's called "Renegade Force." Look it up at The Internet Movie Database. The movie shows good tactics. It's not a typical hollywood shoot-em up. I'd love to see a movie based on Tom Clancy's "Rainbow Six." That would kick *** if it was close to the actual book.

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                In my experiance, hollywood has a real tough time with real-life.
                Brad C. Nelson
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                  "Rainbow Six" is supposed to be the next Clancy movie out after "Sum of All Fears."

                  I wish they'd make the "Magnum, P.I." movie that pops up in conversation from time to time.
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                    I loved Magnum PI, but now when I see Tom Selleck, I keep thinking of the scene where his kisses Kevin Kline


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                      You mean, SWAT is just a bunch of men sitting in back of a van, holding a gun, belching and letting out other body gases until they get to where they are going? Lol!

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                        I loved Magnum P.I. it was one of my favorite shows of all time, I still watch it on A&E on my days off. I think it would be best left in syndication, there isnt anybody out there that could play that role as well as Tom Selleck did it. Now a reunion movie would be great, but not a remake.

                        I know I'm probably gonna catch some flack for this but the last four seasons of Hunter had to be some of the best t.v. ever broadcast on the air.


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                          Originally posted by Frogman:
                          Magnum P.I. the movie would be great.
                          So would a Man From U.N.C.L.E. movie, a Route 66 movie, Starsky & Hutch movie, as well as book series characters like Dirk Pitt and Mack Bolan made into movies.
                          There was a Man From U.N.C.L.E. reunion movie in 1983 ( http://us.imdb.com/Details?0086191 ). There was an unsuccessful attempt to re-make a Route 66 series ( http://us.imdb.com/Details?0106117 ) but ut only ran 4 episodes. (Not it's time, I guess)

                          The others you mentioned woud be excellent, if handled properly
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                            You summed it up 100 %
                            Only names we ever had in our outfit were:
                            Ninja (A Black Belt in Karate)
                            Doggie (An ex-K9 Handler)
                            Sinex (That is a UK Brand name for a Nasal Decongestant) Because when he got up your nose he lasted for 8 hours
                            Fifty F**ks (Because he couldn't pronounce a scentence without one)
                            The Equaliser (Because he single handedly engaged and shot 3 armed robbers killing 2)
                            Blister (Because he always came out after the hard work had been done)
                            Beast (For obvious reasons, and the fact that he would pull you legs off and beat you to death with them)
                            TP (Team Pervert - We won't even go there)
                            Pepe (After Pepe La Pew - a class act )
                            The Cat (Now there was an ugly man. Imagine Supergluing a ginger Tom onto somebodies face setting fire to it, then putting it out with a shovel)
                            And then of course there was Dolph because he was the team leader and bore a striking resemblance to that tall blond good looking film star.
                            Stay Safe All!
                            Oh. did I forget to mention I was a team Leader
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                              Swat, you should make it a REQUIREMENT that no one in Swat can EVER eat beans! lol


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