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Air Rage - Limit the number of drinks on airplanes?


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  • Air Rage - Limit the number of drinks on airplanes?

    Apparently a United States Senator wants airline carriers to limit the number of drinks they serve on board in order to curtail "air rage." Whats your opinion on this?

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    It's more of the same.


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      I think it should be done. I was on a flight with an obnoxious drunk. I think they are dangerous.


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        Another example of federal extortion and tyranny!! It is not the responsibilty of the feds to determine how many drinks I or anyone should have on a plane. Didn't the feds try something like this oncebefore and call it prohibition and it didn't work? The idea is stupid since a person can have 8 drinks before they get on the plane, and then disrupt the flight.

        I say no to this proposal!



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          I have flown across the ocean numerous times and only encountered an obnoxious person once. It was at the beginning of the flight so the man did not have time to have a drink. I see no reason for drinks to be limited, in fact it relaxes a number of people who are nervous when flying.

          Correction, it happened twice. The second time was an Arab who was extremely upset because his wife left her face uncovered. No drinks that time either.

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            I have also done a lot of flying and think it's rediculous to limit the number of drinks. Of course, I'm referring to the passengers only, not the pilots.

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              Its a stupid idea. For one i have flown and been really ****ed off at the lack of customer service flight attendants give. And i do not drink at all. ( Allergic to alcohol)

              It has nothing to do with passengers who drink, it has everything to do with other people who fly and have no common decency and respect for the fellow passengers. A person can only take so much before they go insane.
              "To each his own"


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                Limiting the number of drinks served wouldn't prevent someone from sneaking it on board in a carry-on bag since I assume it wouldn't be picked up by metal detectors. They could also have a few while waiting for the plane.

                I don't drink either. Just personal choice because I have seen what too much of it does to people's lives. I have enough problems with sweets so I don't need anything that can be so harmful.


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                  Just more of saying the person isn't responsible for their actions by trying to blame it on something external. No substances should be allowed as an excuse for improper actions, alcohol or anything else. Every person is sober before they get intoxicated. It is a conscious decision to start drinking (or whatever) in the first place. Lack of self control, either in how intoxicated a person gets or how they act once intoxicated, is the individual's responsibility, and they must be held accountable, no excuses.

                  I would vote no, if I had a vote on it.


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                    Originally posted by Snoopy1:
                    Limiting the number of drinks served wouldn't prevent someone from sneaking it on board in a carry-on bag
                    Or already drunk. Or already on drugs.


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                      Is there a big problem of "air rage?" I sure haven't heard about it. Only time I ever heard about a problem passenger was when some guy had encephalitus and caused problems.. Should we now require cat scans for all passengers before boarding?
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                        Airlines have served alcohol for years and it's not been a problem until recently. I think the problem is a large segment of our society today is ruder, more self centered and generally less caring of others than in years past. The airlines then cram as many bodies on board as possible to make more money. If they want to fix the problem than maybe they should look at ways to increase space and comfort.


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                          Ok I'll bite on this topic.

                          No drinks should'nt be regulated. If thats the case then we have one helluva reason to hammer it home at night clubs. Want to try and enforce that one??

                          Air rage is growing, some of it does have to do with what poproc said. "Put as many people on board as you can" and "people have are more selfish nowdays". Another big factor is delays,weather,mechanical whatever the fact of the matter is that patience is wearing thin all over.

                          I feel that the last reason we see such a big rise in air rage is due to our great reporting and tv commentators. Their business is stories and ratings and they will achieve it.

                          Best wishes Best luck Poacher.


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