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    Does anyone know of any l.e. sites that have photos of their weapons they train with and/or use in their departments.


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    wils 2, hi m8, the top weapon issued to divisonal Police Officers on my division (Richmond upon Thames) is the asp
    the weapon is telescopic and racks OUT on demand to a whopping 21"

    MET Police Officers are trained in the use of this, alongside training for our rigid quickcuffs

    to get the thing BACK to it's 6" from the whip out 21" strike the suspect to the ground :a special skill is required

    personally I prefer the CS SPRAY that we are issued with, provided that it's NOT OUT OF DATE and you shake the thing on parade - you should be ok

    THAT'S RIGHT ! we are not issued firearms at all ! We have the asp and the CS Spray, that's it, but special ARVs (Armed Response Vehicles) travel around LONDON fully armed, there are not many and they are spread pretty thin, we can call them but they are usually half an hour coming I'm not kidding
    a mate of mine encountered an unpleasant male in a car - the male had his granny, auntie - uncle and nephews in the car with him
    as the officer was on his own, he drew his CS Spray and then sprayed the male driver - successfully disabling the horrible man, the rest of the occupants did not fare too well though, that episode went down in history [Eek!]
    from your old mate
    c h i e f y
    global chiefy to yer seadog seafarin' maties


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      Ah yes chiefy,
      You've forgotten that met secret weapon...a 3 cell maglite..and a rapier like wit that all officers should be issued.
      Plus my ability to do the minute mile when facing firearms allowing me to yell for those in Arv's to come and give it large

      Tactically of course
      Get your trousers on,you're nicked!!


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        I dig how you British dudes butcher the English Language. Why don't you guys get your own language?
        If you see me running try to keep up!


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          Using "dig" and "dudes", I hope you're being sarcastic, LeeRoy!


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            going to work without a pistol is like going in with no pants.

            "stop or i'll call somebody to come shoot you!" i don't think that would command attention here.

            i bet you UK guys are some bad mofos.

            i honestly cannot fathom policing an area without some sort of firearm. i draw and threaten with my pistol quite a bit and it's very effective.


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              i bet you UK guys are some bad mofos.
              You g*d*mn right, my man
              'Trust no-one'


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                Bad mofo's!!!
                like my man shaft would say...

                you damn right

                Get your trousers on,you're nicked!!


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                  We have a choice of batons either the Monadnok PR24 XTS expandable side handled baton, the Monadnok MX21 or a 21" ASP. My PR24 now lives in my locker and has been replaced by the ASP.

                  I work in a provincial force so the level of threat from firearms is less than in London were Chiefy works. That said we get better response from our ARV who are fully equipped with Glocks, MP5s and baton guns. In 20 years of police work I have never been directly threatened with a firearm nor shot at. The vast majority of people in the UK unless they have been in the military or work in agriculture will never have fired a gun, let alone own one. Yes villains do have guns and police officers do get shot but fortunately it is pretty rare in mainland UK, though not for our colleagues in the PSNI formerly the RUC.


                  [ 01-02-2003, 12:56 PM: Message edited by: Sgt Lobster ]


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                    most all officers in my agency carry two pistols, a primary and a backup. we carry a shotgun and just received a batch of CAR-15 assault rifles that we are also going to carry as soon as everyone has qualified with it.  -

                    i wish we had the option to carry a PR24. those things are great. we have the 26" ASP.

                    it's like night and day.

                    bad mofos...  -

                    [ 01-02-2003, 10:55 AM: Message edited by: p01ic3m4n ]


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                      Blessed are those who can hurl their five cell maglite like a javalin with pin point accuracy.

                      Who needs firearms

                      Si vis pacem, para bellum


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                        Have to say that I much prefer the ASP - the PR24 is pretty cumbersome. Whilst I don't doubt the PR24 is very effective if you practice a lot, I think the ASP is easier to use.

                        The PR24 XTS we have are expandable batons with plastic shafts.

                        Still no guns on general issue here, and they made a big thing in the press when we got incapacitant spray about 5 years ago.



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                          I worked the Armed Response Vehicle here for some years and I have to say it's surprising how compliant people can be when theres an MP5 pointed at them. I had far less arguments about what a suspect was going to do in those days.
                          Given half a chance I'd carry a firearm again without a second thought.


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                            it not so much the fact of using, but knowing you have it available to use. i'd hate to be against an armed person with nothing more than spray and a baton.

                            people tell me here "it must be a scary thing wearing a gun and a bullet resistant vest to work." yeah, it is, but i fear more for those who don't.


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                              What type of rifles, if any, does your department use or train with?


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