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Stupidity I've observed in the past week.


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  • Stupidity I've observed in the past week.

    One of my favorite hobbies is the cheapest......observing stupidity in its natural state. Here are a few I've seen in the past 7 days.

    1) The women in front of me at a store pays with a credit card. The clerk observes the credit card has not been signed and tell the woman she must sign it right there. The woman signs it, then signs the charge receipt. The clerk then compares the two signatures, which amazingly match.

    2) A sewer line breaks and flood an intersection. A news crew is sent to the scene and treats the watchers of the 6pm news (dinner hour), to a full minute of close up footage of turds floating in the water.

    3) Another reporter is sent to a major intersection that was closed because the hard rains had flooded it. The budding Cronkite decides to do his live shot from the middle of the flooded intersection. Any cop that has been on the job more than 5 mins knows that there is always going to be some jack*** who knows the road closed sign does not apply to him. Of course, that is the driver that comes by and sends a big wave over the reporter that is standing in the middle of the intersection. (I wish I had that on tape)

    4) I drop a friend at the airport. He has time before the plane, so we plan to have coffee while he waits. When he goes to check in his luggage, the guy at the counter asks him "Did anyone put anything in your bag that you are unaware of?"

    5) Back to a rain related one......... 3 teens take their shoes off to walk through a flooded parking lot. One leaves his jeans down, of course soaking them. Another is smoking a cigarette. When a reaches the other side, he drops the butt on the ground and steps on it to put it out. Then he remebered he was barefoot.

    That is my 5 faves for the past week.

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    I can't stop laughing but I definitely do NOT want supper tonight! LOL!


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      Thank you for the best laugh I've had all day (I'm talking laughing so hard the tears are streaming down my cheeks).

      You rule, Nite.


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        Gee, we don't have things like that happen in Canada!


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          ROFLMAO. I love to see these things, makes me feel 'telligent.

          [ 07-23-2001: Message edited by: Mack811 ]


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            LOL Niteshift.

            I always knew the news was full of s**t.

            Si vis pacem, para bellum


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              Reporter stupidity seems to be at its worst when it comes to covering a major storm.

              Here in LA, where news coverage of actual rainfall is given greater priority than a terrorist attack on a US Embassy, the local TV reporters will go out and stand in the middle of a downpour, as if nobody knew what it's like to get wet.

              I've also seen reporters cover hurricanes by doing the stupidest thing possible: Standing OUTSIDE, being pummelled by horizontal rain and flying debris. As if the aftermath isn't proof positive of the destructive power of such storms.

              I'm waiting for a reporter to cover a tornado by actually standing in its path and waiting for it to catch up to them


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                My husband just came home, munching on a Baby Ruth candy bar. I laughed so hard, he thinks I'm certifiable! LOL!


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                  I grew up in Atlanta and on very rare occasions it snows. When there is an announcement of possible snow the entire city goes en mass to the grocery store. My favorite one was when it was 45 degrees out and there was a chance it was going to snow. My roomate and I had not watched the news and we decided to go grocery shopping. We watched a woman grab 4 gallon jugs of milk and run to the bread isle. What the hell are you going to do with 4 gallons of milk and 8 loaves of bread. I really wish had seen those people that night when it flurried for 10 minutes and that was it.
                  An axe can make any computer problem seem like hours of fun.


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                    I've been surfing this site from "the road" over the past few weeks; haven't posted because the notebook containing my password was always in another room, but this topic has gotten my attention:

                    I was in a McDonald's recently, waiting for my order. A woman with two young children came in and asked what size order the chicken McNuggets came in. The smallest order was 4 McNuggets for .99. The woman then asked if she could have something smaller--"two orders of two pieces for 'like' .50 each." The cashier was great--she smiled and said quite cheerfully, "we can do better than that--we can give you 2 orders of 2 for a total of .99."


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                      That brings up one of my favorite stupid restaurant tricks..........

                      The smallest order of fries is a medium, then a large and an extra-large. That really makes the medium the small and the large the medium.


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                        I was in a discount store one night, standing patiently in line when two women, each with a cart walked up. They looked at each other and then raced each other to the spot behind me, both hitting me with their carts. I said, "OW! ggeezzz!" Then they started arguing who was first and it got heated. Then, I pointed out that they were in the express line (8 items or less) and they had full carts. They glanced at the lines and hit carts trying to get into another line. From there, they argued and argued and argued. I couldn't help but laugh then they started screaming at me for laughing! The manager finally had cashiers at opposite ends wait just on them. But, one got checked through and waited for the other one.....and they argued all the way to their cars!


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                          Darn Nightshift, I was just trying to save the lady some time in case the next person asked to match her signature to her card.

                          Lol! And I have seen my fair share of stupid people working the other side of the grocery counter. Like during the whole y2k thing. This lady came in and maxed out her credit cards buying enough canned goods and water so at least she would have food IN CASE it really happened. Ended up spending close to a 1000 bucks on groceries.

                          Or that person who no matter how many times you've heard it before, always says "Its free" when the item does not scan. Please have a heart for the cashier if your one of these people. She really wants to reach over the counter and choke you. Because the last 40 people said the same thing.

                          Or my favorite customer, Who's latest is coming in to the store and yelling loud enough for all the world to hear "Legally Blonde" Whenever he see's me. I have yet to see the movie but i sure would love it if someone would ban this person from seeing anymore movies. He also has like a million blonde jokes and manages to shop enough times a week to make sure i hear ALL the latest ones. Like why did the blonde marry a mexican man, Because her teacher told her to do an essay.
                          "To each his own"


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                            There is this guy that comes into the Wal-mart. I've seen him many times. He must drive them crazy. Here they are, trying to get customers checked through and when they go to take his money, he will hold it just out of reach! He laughs and laughs. I always wanna SMACK him.


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                              In the grocery store, when they tell me total, I open my wallet and say "Paper or plastic?"

                              They don't seem to get it.

                              I have another one that's pretty lengthy about this guy and his transmission if you'd like to hear it. I don't know if it would be appropriate or not.


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