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I am so grateful to God


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  • I am so grateful to God

    We heard today from our son's doctor. They are starting the testing for his brain surgery. David has willingly given up his driver's license because his seizures have started again. I can only begin to imagine how hard that was for him. Driving is so important to a young persons sense of independence and I am proud I have a son who realized that he had a sense of responsibility to himself and everyone else on the road. Imagine being 24 and you have to hand over your license! But he did it. He will always have my admiration.
    We will know in a few weeks whether they think they can go in and get the seizure activity or not.
    I don't think I could ever be the good person my son is.

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    Your family is in my thoughts and prayers. Please don't hesitate if you need someone to lean on. I'll be right here for you.

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      Thanks, Katey. This is like one huge emotional rollersoaster. David has been having problems from the tumor for 10 years. I hope and pray with all my heart the drs at the Mayo can give him a normal life. He deserves it so much.


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        Prayers are with you and yours.


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          We'll be remembering him in prayer Mitzi. Stand strong cause you're not alone. There are lots of people here who love you.


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            Thanks to all of you. This tumor completely changed our lives. One minute, we had this happy, healthy young teenager.....The next minute, he was in ICU after brain surgery, his head swollen to twice it's size.
            This is the kind of stuff you hear that happens to OTHER people, not to you. Now, he prepares for his second brain surgery.
            When people come to me with complaints about anything, I always ask them, "Do you have healthy kids?" The answer is always "yes". I then reply, "Then you have everything."


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              When my nephew was 8 years old, he had his first brain operation. He had been having seizures for years before the brain tumor was finally detected. The tumor that was found grew to be the size of a normal man's index finger.

              He made it through the first operation, and was very brave. CAT Scans, MRI's, more anti-seizure medicine that he had to take for years...

              When he was 13, he had his second brain operation. There was a stem left over from the first tumor, and we were told back then there was a chance the tumor could grow again. The doctor's could only remove so much without risking my nephew's life.

              After the second operation, radiation was initiated, and very aggressively. How ironic that the doctor who treated my nephew turns out to be the husband of the doc I work for. Couldn't have asked for a better doctor.

              Today, my nephew is healthy 17 year-old who thanks God everyday for being alive. He's overcome so much, including awful peer pressure because of his operations (he has a huge horse-shoe shaped scar), and has looked death in the eye. He is a very strong willed, determined young man.

              Keep the faith, Mitzi. Don't ever give up hope.

              We're here for you.


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                Our thoughts and prayers are with you and yours.

                Two members of my family have suffered with brain tumors in the past few years.

                I pray that all will go well.

                Si vis pacem, para bellum


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                  Will say a prayer for your family Mitzi! Take care and Keep The Faith!


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                    I know God is with us. When David went back to high school the first time after the surgery, he had a huge horseshoe shaped wound on his head. The school system gave him permission to wear a hat but he couldn't stand anything touching the wound. But, I know my son.
                    I went over at lunch and couldn't find him in the lunchroom. I found him in the gym, wiping tears away cause he was so embarassed at his wound. From there, we went to the dr who played around with dressings until David got one that he said didn't hurt so much. Then, he wanted to go back to school and did.
                    Then, I went home and cried! lol I'd give anything if this had happened to me and not him. But, God is watching over us. I know He is!


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                      Mitzi, my thoughts and prayers are with your son; and your family, during these trying times.

                      Please keep us posted, let us know what the doc says.
                      [email protected] "Where there is love, there is no imposition"- Albert Einstien.


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