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Was anybody else offended?


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  • Was anybody else offended?

    I know that we have some WWF fans here, so I thought I would bring up this question and see what everyone elses' opinions were.

    Monday night RAW, they were showing clips of Smackdown when Austin came in with the firefighters and was in bunker gear. As Vince is commenting on the replay, he busts out with "Those damn firemen, they're never there when you NEED them!"

    Now, we all know that Vince is not the most sensitive guy in the world. What does he care, he still has his money no matter what we think of him. BUT considering what the world has gone through, wasn't this comment over the line!? I mean, on 09/11/01, more than 300 firefighters were "there" when we needed them, and they paid with their lives. Shouldn't a grown man have more sense than to make a comment like that EVER, but, even more so, at a time like this!?

    Ahem, rant over. Just wondered if anyone else caught that and what they thought.
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    It's a storyline, plain and simple. I doubt he really cares what anyone thinks, but rather how much money he makes. If a few's feelings are hurt in the process it isn't a problem as long as the ratings keep coming in.
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      As Glock put it, it's just a storyline.. someone has to be the hated bad guy, etc.
      Being from the area where the WWF is based and where quite a few of the wrestlers live. I have met them "in town" so to speak and worked their wrestling events.

      They are completely different off stage. It's just that they are being pay to draw in the crowds that attend these events and obtain high broadcast ratings. $$$$.
      You must remember the Iron Sheik and how he ticked everyone off during the Iran hostage situation?...etc, etc.

      I'll tell you what... when they come to our arena in Feb. 02, and if Austin is there, I'll ask him personally for you!
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        I know it's just a storyline, I just thought it was inappropriate (ha, like it's the only thing, ha!). Maybe I just over-reacted. It just rubbed me the wrong way, I guess.
        This post has been rated PG-13 for your viewing pleasure.


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          If it rubbed you the wrong way then they have done their job. Getting the rating up by rubbing people wrong so that they tune in again to see what is done about it is a way they operate at times. I have met a few of the wrestlers and they are very nice guys out of the ring.

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