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Compuserve keeps problems going!


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  • Compuserve keeps problems going!

    I need a little assistance here

    For the past three days, whenever I sign onto my Compuserve account, the connection will be made for about 4 seconds and then its lost. A nice message is displayed: Connection has been lost, check your settings.

    Well, my settings are the same as when I got the compuserve, I double checked the cables and they are correctly fitted to the machines.

    I do not have voice mail, only the one phone line.

    Sometimes I can stay on line long enough to get my email on the screen, then the connection is lost again


    Is there anyone here who has had the same problem?

    Do I have to sing that song: Am I the only one?

    Jim Burnes

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    Jim, you'll likely never get any admission from them. It doesn't matter to them that your computer worked 30 minutes ago, windows is dynamic, dammit!

    They will blame it in the computer or the phone line, and sometimes they will tell the truth!

    Or, they may have found out you own a gun.


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      Ever think about getting a cable connection, Jim?


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        i had the same prob (with AOL) a couple years ago. i solved the problem by lowering the conenction speed. downloads take a little longer to finish and websites take a while to open, but im on dial up anyway so its not like im breaking any speed records


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          Originally posted by kateykakes:
          Ever think about getting a cable connection, Jim?

          I have something called Cox at Home, its DSL. And extremely fast in loading pages.

          Except now

          I'll have to phone Compuserve in the morning I guess.

          Thanks all.

          Jim Burnes


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            I've had that problem before too. If you're a technical kind of guy and can move around and change some settings, try this:

            Go into Start, Settings, Control Panel, System, Device Manager, Scroll down to Modems, click the + (plus) and expand out the list. You'll probably only see one thing there. Click Properties, then Connection. Then click Advanced.

            Under the Extra settings area, type this:


            Now you might want to ask Compuserve the exact string for your modem because that last v90 is specific to my modem and the 56k connection. This will fix disconnects.

            Just tell them about this area. Most tech support people I have talked to in the past have no idea what I'm talking about. Makes you wonder how they got their job.

            Hope that helps.
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