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It's good to know we lead the league in SOMETHING!


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  • It's good to know we lead the league in SOMETHING!

    Orlando Sentinel

    Orange County/Orlando has the highest number of traffic fatalities, per capita, than anyone else in the U.S. I don't live or work there, but I do frequent the area often.

    Let me tell you, the amount of traffic, the design of the roads and everything else they mentioned are factors, but the most relevant factor they fail to mention are the ones in control of 3,000 pound pieces of steel...the drivers! I think we also the highest amount of stupid, inconsiderate, arrogant, aggressive drivers per capita as well. There was a line in the article about how some drivers feel that driving is a contact sport, and unfortunately, they're right! In a 5 mile stretch of travel on my way to the office one morning(not in the Orlando metroplex), I counted 6 near crashes that could have been real bad, but at the same time could have been avoided had the "other person" not taken the chances they took.

    This is why LEO's run RADAR, write tickets and stop people "for nothing at all...just filling quotas". All it takes is scraping just one person off the road or scooping one driver out of a mangled piece of steel to drive it home. You stand a better chance of dying behind the wheel than you do in a random act of violence.

    Did that sound like a rant?

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    Congratulations! I think we fell to number 5 this year. We'll just have to try harder next year and win the cup back.


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      You can always go out and recruit idiot drivers I know there are enough out there should not be too hard to find them LOL

      Are you a Veteran? If so join AMVETS the only organization that accepts all vets no matter when or where they served. Contact me for more info.


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        More people are killed in car crashes every year than in burglaries and robberies. Tell that to the the next complaining offender and then ask where THEY think you should focus your energies.
        "Speed is fine, but accuracy is final"--Bill Jordan


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