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  • Which branch?

    Back in high school, I briefly toyed with the idea of joining the military. When I weighed the four services (yes, I consider the Coast Guard military service), I leaned towards the Air Force, because I thought they had the 'coolest' job. I never went through with it, and sometimes I regret it.

    But if I had the opportunity to make the choice today, I think I'd join the Marines. Maybe it's just good PR, but I think (for regular troops, at least) the overcoming the challenge of becoming a Marine would be the most rewarding.

    This is in no way to take away from the other services, all of which have important roles. Just my own personal opinion.

    If you had to join up today, which service would you choose?
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    Ah, nostalgia...

    Back in college I had my heart set on joining the Army ROTC and trying to become a Ranger or Green Beret. At the time I was heartbroken when I didn't pass the physical (I had a stomach ulcer when I was a youngh child -- at the time at least, ANY history of ulcer was disqualifying). In retrospect, I'm glad I didn't make it, since I'm very happy with the way my life did turn out.

    But, if I were to join up today (at my age, with my background), I think I'd probably want to work in some sort of intelligence gathering/analysis role -- pretty much any branch would do.
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      I regret not signing up as well. I graduated H.S in the mid 1990s, relatively peaceful time, so i opted for college instead.

      I did however, seriously consider the Navy. As kid, my dad and I went on a tour of Destroyer (Don't recall the name). I was so impressed and thought how cool it would be to cruise around the Ocean in one those bad boys.

      Got the regular 8:00 AM phone calls from local Marine recruiter, but that ended when I had to tell them I broke my leg playing football that required surgery. While I am 100% today, at the time, it disqualified me.


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        I toyed around with joining the military several times. I was in Air Force ROTC in college, and I was offered the Navy Nuclear program. I just never signed the dotted line for anybody.

        I don't know which service that I would join now if I had to, but being a paralegal for Army JAG would be cool. You get Warrant Officer rank , and they send you to paralegal training at the University of Virginia Law School.
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          I like Nittany Lion graduated in the mid 1990
          LETS GO CAPS!!

          LETS GO TERPS!!


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            Forget the military, if I could do anything at all right now, it would be providing the humanitarian aid over in Iraq or Afghanistan. I can't imagine anything more rewarding than that. Heck, I would love to just do that as a volunteer.
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              I'll guarantee you would still be in the middle of fighting...for the food you're giving away. There's no way to get away from it right now.
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                Originally posted by kirch:
                When I weighed the four services (yes, I consider the Coast Guard military service), I leaned towards the Air Force,

                Then that would actually make 5 branches of service (if of course you count the Air Farce )

                My choice is obvious and I don't regret a second of it. See the 'joining the military' thread under Ask a Cop. I doubt anyone really wants to read what I say twice so I won't repeat it. Though I will say that I agree with your assessment that the challenge of becoming a Marine is the most rewarding. No disrespect to the other branches but I'm biased as hell. [Wink]
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                  My uncle was Army so when I was in college I joined the USAR. I planned to join ROTC but I changed my mind and didn't pursue a military career. My reserve time was rewarding and I'm proud to have served even a minor role under President Reagan and his conquest of the Soviet Union.

                  If I had to do it all over again I'd be a Marine. Marines have a special Espirit de Corps that the other services don't have. Marines take care of their own.
                  If you see me running try to keep up!


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                    G.I. beans and G.I. gravy, gee I'm glad this aint the Navy....

                    Semper Fi.


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                      [QUOTE]Originally posted by kirch:
                      [QB]Back in high school, I briefly toyed with the idea of joining the military. When I weighed the four services (yes, I consider the Coast Guard military service)

                      So which one do you not consider a service? Army, Navy, AF and Marines along with the Coast Guard = 5.

                      I, of course am Navy. I got out in 1997 and joined the Army reserves in 1997 so I have been in 2 services. As you can see, I came back, therefore I personally believe that the Navy is the best. Well, for what we do of course. We have more Aircraft than the Air Force but the Army has more floating craft than the Navy. Yes, there are Navy LEO's on ship but a majority of us are actually doing Law Enforcement duties on shore bases. It doesn't matter what service you join, but let me name off a few good reasons to choose ONE.

                      1. GI Bill and tuition assistance while active duty. In other words, I don't pay a dime for college while I am active duty and once I get out, I still have my GI bill. If I get the degree I want before I use my GI bill, I can transfer it over to my son or wife.

                      2. Housing. I don't live in a mansion, but while I am here, I don't pay rent, my utilities are completely free. It gets hot over here in Europe. I can leave my air on, lights on if I choose and it's free. Once I move to the states, my basic allowance for housing more than covers my mortgage.

                      3. Health Care. On average, most people pay well over $100 per month for individual health care insurance. Me as the active duty member pay NOTHING. I had my ankle completely reconstructed last year due to an accident. Cost me NOTHING. My son was born last year. Cost us absolutly NOTHING. My wife goes to the doctor. NOTHING. When we get back to the states, for my wife and son to be covered costs around NOTHING!

                      4. Vocational Training. After graduating High School most people either have to learn a trade from someone already in it, go to college or vocational school all of which cost money in the ong run. The Military will send you to a school, teach you a trade (That most likely will benefit you when you get out) for free.

                      Those are just 4 reasons to choose the military, not to mention that while you are benefiting from the freebies, you are doing a great service to the United States of America.

                      Good luck in your chioces.
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                        Let's see...Joined the Army and became an Army Ranger in 91.....I think I'd re-enlist to be a Marine......NOT!!!!!!


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                          Semper Fi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                          Marine Corps is the only way to go!!!!!!!!

                          Good night Chesty.....where ever you are!!!!


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                            Then that would actually make 5 branches of service (if of course you count the Air Farce )

                            So which one do you not consider a service? Army, Navy, AF and Marines along with the Coast Guard = 5.

                            Maybe if I would have joined up, I would have learned to count.
                            Caution and worry never accomplished anything.


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                              In Vietnam I was heading for the Marines but joined the Navy. If I was young again it would be definitely the Marines.
                              Stay safe and watch your back. Survived Katrina. Now a Official member of the Chocolate City Police.


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