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Duct Tape. Its no longer used exclusively for duct work.


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  • Duct Tape. Its no longer used exclusively for duct work.

    Hopefully this turns into a fun topic and helps give us all a break from the war.

    What is the most intersting thing that you have used duct tape for?

    My 1 1/2 year old boy had been taking off his diaper and watering the house. I have been wrapping duct tape around his diaper to keep it on. I only have to use 1/2 a strip and I only have to go around 1/2 way. So far it has worked.
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    Cool topic!

    Blew out a sole on a Magnum Hi-Tec on a hiking trip. Used some that I'd had wrapped around a Nalgene bottle to wrap boot and sole (like an ace bandage) and it got me back to the vehicle fine-2 to 3 miles.

    Also, I use the bright orange to wrap some items with, so than I can spot them quick (most of my goodies are black, and thrown into a black nylon bag!)

    I use the white for labels on things, and I cut a long thin piece to place on the front sight of my M-16-I put it on the slanted side, so I can use it for rough indexing the front sight at night.
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      Deputy Joe: OMG --, there is no way I can beat that one...I think I may have used it to tape up some moving boxes once...

      Actually, come to think of it: I went sky diving a couple of times (many years ago) -- I swear the wings of the plane were duct taped on. Glad I had a parachute!

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        It's been used on more than one part of my automobile. Though, when it comes to ensuring broken doors stay closed, nothing beats a bungie cord, I discovered.
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          I've used it for various things, including ductwork!!

          Comes in handy for lots of things....

          One of our local Judges used it on a defendant that wouldn't be quiet!! [Eek!]
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            So that's where I heard the story, I thought I may have read it on some news site... I'm surprised the judge got away with that. Heh, effective though, I would imagine.
            Concerning the difference between man and the jackass: some observers hold that there isn't any. But this wrongs the jackass.
            -Mark Twain


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              Duct tape is used for EVERYTHING.

              If it's supposed to move and doesn't, use some WD-40. If it moves and it's not supposed to, use duct tape.

              To truly appreciate duct tape, one needs to watch the Red Green Show


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                My wife duct tapes the toilet seat in the female position.


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                  My wife told me about a Dr. that duct taped his infants nuk in his mouth. Yikes! I can see where that would work, however I don't think I would try that one.
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                    There's always...



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                      Students. You can't do it, but most of them don't know that.

                      I had a pair of boots in college that were falling apart. Duct tape kept the soles together.

                      But the most interesting thing? Depending on duct tape to hold up the roof while three eight-year-olds were building a fort. My father just about died when he saw it.
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                        traveling musicians LIVE for duct tape. it saved my butt many a time on the road.
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                          I was canoeing in Canada, a hundred miles from the nearest town and about 5 miles (by water) from my pickup point. I hit a rock that opened up a 3" hole in the bottom of my canoe. Luckily, I'd tossed some duct tape in my pack (which I'd never done before) and used it to patch the hole. It not only covered the hole, but remained watertight for the rest of the trip.
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                            Years ago we were playing baseball with one of the Wifle ball sets. Well the ball broke, so we took some duck tape wrapped it up like a ball and used that. It worked out pretty good.
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                              Several years ago when I was young and very gullible, my girl friend told me duct tape was great to use for waxing the bikini line. She swore that it would make my bikini line smooth for weeks.

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