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Sick to my stomach...


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  • Sick to my stomach...

    I volunteer at a local animal shelter. This chick at work calls me up and asks if the shelter has any smaller breed puppies available. Knowing that she just got a puppy not even three weeks ago and that she lives in an apartment, I ask if she is allowed to have two dogs. So, she tells me this story that just made me feel ill...

    Apparantly as she and her hubby were leaving, their puppy got out unnoticed. They were getting in their van and the dog tried to jump in the van with them. Not seeing the dog, she slams shut the van door shut just as the dog is jumping in thus breaking the poor things neck and killing it.

    I realize it was an accident but still... I feel so sick to my stomach everytime I think about that poor dog..
    No partner is worth your tears -
    the one that is won't make you cry. - Anonymous

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      'unnoticed' ..... my dog does nothing 'unnoticed'... cause I love him dearly... that is very sad. poor baby !!! [Frown]
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        I have two dogs, a big fat basset hound and a cairn terrier. Although this wouldn't happen with my basset, I could see it happening to my terrier. He moves quick, sometimes he's just a blur running around the house. It's very sad, but for small dogs..unfortunately they can get in the right way at the wrong time. Poor doggie.
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          My husband ran over our 14 year old cat a few years ago. This is the second time it's happened. It was so hard losing them but even harder seeing him so distressed.
          We have a friend that ran over is 2 year old son. He had come hime for lunch and the baby was napping. But, he had gotten up and out and was behind the car. His father didn't see him. It was heartbreaking.
          When our son ws 20 months old, some friends of ours lost their 20 month old in a freak accident. They were outside, she was talking to a neighbor and he father was cutting the grass. The baby saw the gasoline for the lawnmower in a milk jug and drank some before his screaming mother could get to him. He died at the hospital.
          Freak accidents happen. Sometimes, no matter how careful we are, they happen.


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            Yeah, things happen in a split second. really sad stories.

            i know a guy who's puppy was riding in the car with him with windows all the way down. the puppy jumped out and the leash got caught...well, you can figure it out

            i also think around here that it's illegal to ride your dog in the bed of a pickup truck without it being tethered on a short leash. if one of those drivers were to brake hard, an unleashed dog could fly right out the back.
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              I'll cry over a dog everytime.

              People-that's a different story. Haven't shed a tear over any human suffering (job related) yet.
              People have more fun than anybody.


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                Something similar happened to our family several years ago. My mother was backing out of the garage when our black Lab puppy got out of the house and ran towards the moving car. My mom didn't see him and ran over the dog The dog's yelping and crying still breaks my heart to this day.

                The dog survived. We thought he had a crushed pelvis and might have to be put down, but it turned out to be a broken leg only. Had my mother decided to take the family Cadillac instead of the VW Golf she was driving that day, that dog surely would have been killed.


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                    lol I make sure never to stand near the car when he's backing out, that's for sure.
                    My neighbor put his dog in is van then drove off. A man in anoher car fantically blew his horn and got him to stop. The dog had jumped out when he closed the door and he didn't notice because he was talking to his wife. So, he was dragging this poor Yorkie down the road. It survived but it was hurt prety bad. It's two back legs were broken and he will never walk right. They felt so bad. His wife sid it was the first time she had ever seen her husband cry. It must have been a horrifying sight.


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                      Originally posted by SGT Dave:
                      I'll cry over a dog everytime.

                      I'm the same way. Dogs are better than most people I have come across.


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                        Originally posted by Mitzi:
                        Freak accidents happen.

                        Yes indeed.. Years ago I think it was George Carlin that reported two freaks in a VW microbus crashed into a couple of other freaks in another vehicle.
                        " Life's disappointments are harder to take when you don't know any swear words." - Calvin


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