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deplorable actions by NFL fans


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  • deplorable actions by NFL fans

    I think that the incidents in Cleveland and in New Orleans these past two days goes to show how much society has gotten off track. A team has to lose in a contest and if a call does not go your way you as fans need to go and throw water bottles and beer cans at the officials and visiting players? What is this teaching our children? Does this mean there is no losing with dignaty left in our world? I think that watching the fans in both games proves that we care sooo much about winning that we will do everything to see our team as the winners.

    What needs to be done to see that this is not repeated over and over again?

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    i ALWAYS thought the fat drunkin' dog mask wearin' dog bone sucking fans in cleveland were THE WORST fans in all of sports. even worse than the fans in _________ ( i won't mention any cities as not to offend any of those fans by putting them in the same category as cleveland!!).

    and then to have those @$$hole$ al lerner and carmen policy defend the fans actions (yeah i know they later retracted them, but by then they showed their true colors) was as deplorable as the action of the fans.

    and of course the hypocritical NFL is not going to fine the team or even smack their hands. and NOT doing anything about that is as bad as what the fans and brass did.

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      I thought it was outright ridiculous and made me sick...

      May be crowd control should have thrown back some tear gas cans??? Bet that would make them think twice about doing it again...

      (just venting, don't look into that comment too much..)
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        Yeah, but what about soccer fanatics? Those people REALLY freak out...


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          It was very sad seeing the officials and everyone else running, trying to protect their heads as they got to safety. It's ridiculous.


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            That is one reason I rarely watch pro sports anymore. Why do a bunch of meatheads care if a bunch of people they don't even know win a game? It's not like the players would even acknowledge the fans' existence; the players are playing for themselves, not representing the city or the fans.

            I'd much rather participate in a sport rather than sit back and watch others. Those idiots in the stands throwing bottles are generally the beer-bellied, alcoholic, haven't-exercised-in-20 years, failed high school athletes who couldn't hold onto the ball if they picked it up themselves, but will scream and yell if an NFL wide receiver (one of only a few hundred people in the world qualified to hold that job) doesn't catch a fingertip pass while a cornerback is beating on him.

            Every single person (and I use that term loosely) who threw something onto the field should be jailed, and then forced to go out on the field for a game and officiate themselves.
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              Not a proud day for Americans on TV!

              I have always thought that fans are getting rid of a lot of displaced anger, generated by the frustration at work, poor family relationships, road rage incidents, dandruff, cable is out, lay-offs, rumors of war, no hot water and all the socks are under the bed, kind of aggravation that you mostly can't express any other way.

              & don't get me started on computers that don't work!



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                I know that some soccer fanatics make us look good but are we resorting to violence and in this showing our kids that you do whatever it takes to help your team win thus proving that it is not if you win or lose is false but it is all WIN WIN WIN!!!!

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                  Imagine my surprise two days in a row of seeing images of football fans hurling objects on the field and tearin' up the place and not a single Philadelphia Eagles jersey in sight Suddenly we don't look so bad...LOL
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