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Gout! Free at last, and so on...


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  • Gout! Free at last, and so on...

    Last saturday, I felt that old friend Gout tickling at my joints, but had no medicine for it until late Monday. By that that day, my knees were big as softballs and the fever was raging. Had to stay on the recliner, could not bend the knees without intense pain. So it went until just last night.

    The pain of Gout will kill an ordinary man

    Jim Burnes

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    Jim, I'm glad to hear you are feeling better, and that your joints are returning to normal. Perhaps now you will be able to hit the target when you go out to shoot.

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      What exactly IS gout? My knees are bad enough without worrying about something ELSE that can go wrong with them.


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        Gout is caused by too much build-up or retention of uric acid in the joints. The kidneys will not be working properly to flush out the uric acid, so that the naturally occurring by-product of such foods as beans, meats, wines will soon form needle-like cyrstals in the joints and that creates extreme pain.

        Use any search engine and look for the single word: GOUT. Lots of published info on line.

        It took me by surprise. Hypertension caused my Aorata Disection which put me into ICU for a long time, and then this gout started showing up. I've never been overweight, don't drink or smoke and always was very physical.

        I could only surmise some Texas [Eek!] rat bastard cursed me.

        Check yourself out with a heart doctor. We all pay close attention to the back and legs. But just take a close look at your heart. Catch it early.

        Jim Burnes


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          Jim, I, too, suffer from Gout.

          Next time you feel an attack coming on, go to the local herb or health food store and get som concentrated black cherry juice.

          Mix a couple of tablespoons into a glass of water and drink this several times per day.

          Sounds strange, but it works. My last gout attack lasted less than 3 days.

          Usually, I'm looking at 1 or 2 weeks of pain.
          Optimistic pessimist: Hope for the best, but expect the worst.


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            My husband just had gout in his big toes and was really in pain. He is a man that never complains and really does well with pain. He said they were hurting that night and I woke up to hear him groaning. He couldn't even stand a sheet on his feet. I got him to the dr and on medication but I also bought black cherry juice to help him. He's had no more recurrences.


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              I'll have to try the black cherry juice thing. If nothing else, it will taste good

              I also borrow my wifes little Pomerian doggie, he lays close and warms the knee. It has become his additional duty. He gets extra rations for it

              Jim Burnes


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                I am afflicted with gout as well. Colchicine (sp?) and Alliplurinol (sp?)do absolutely nothing for me. In fact, both have such drastic side effects that I can't take them. Indomethacin (sp?) works wonders for me however.

                One thing that I learned the hard way is that you HAVE to keep the Alliplurinol in your system constantly for it to work. If you wait to take it when you feel an attack coming on you will only make it worse.

                I have enough experience with it now that I have learned to head it off. I have a list of foods that I absolutely have to stay away from at all times. I try to avoid dehydration at all cost. If I ever get an upset stomach, I go into emergency prevention mode immediately. Also, if I have any drastic changes to my schedule, I start my prevention procedures.
                "Integrity is like virginity. Once it's lost, you can't get it back." --drunkhunter


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                  My husband was on Indomethacin and it cleared his gout up quickly. I make him keep it in his suitcae incase he has an attack while on the road.


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                    Jim, I wish I could help you but the only thing I know that cures any woes I have is peanut butter and toast!


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