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    What do you consider to be to many years between two people. My best friend is thinking about dating a guy who is 22yrs older than she is. She is 23 and he is 45. I told her that 10 years is the max that she should go. what do you think?
    God Bless and Be Safe!

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    I don't believe there is any real rule on how much older or younger someone should be that you date.

    I have generally dated men younger than myself, with the last guy I dated being 11 years younger than me (ok, so I robbed the cradle ). YES, he is very legal (he was 26). I dated him for over a year and never had any problems with the age thing.

    To each his/her own. If your friend is interested in this gentleman, age shouldn't matter.


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      i was just wondering. She already knows how i feel because 2 yrs ago i dated someone that was a lot older than me. He said that age was not a factor but when we would do anything i was always compared to his ex when she was my age. i am not going to try to tell her yes it is good or no it is bad, but just wondering what all of you thought.
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        I don't think age is a problem. If they get along well, then what is the problem? I have a friend who is 26 years younger then her husband and they are very happy.
        Of course, there could be times it doesn't work. My son left his wife when she had an affair with a man 22 years older then her. When the divorce was final, this man dumped her.


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          I think what matters most is if the two
          have a lot in common and they have a strong
          bond between them. You can get two people
          the same age or give or take a few years,
          and things are a disaster.

          The only thing I find disgusting is some
          70 year old man going after some 20 year
          old hottie. That would be like him dating
          his own grand-daughter.


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            I'm going to have to go with the consensus, I think that if the chemistry is compatable, there should not be a barrier.

            However, I also think that if a guy/gal goes out with someone, they should never try and compare. If that comparison is going to be a measuring stick of the present date/relationship you are simply handicapping yourself at the beginning of a difficult step anyway.

            Why go looking for additional problems? Plenty of them will find you without your help.

            I have yet to find someone in a relationship that could compete with the others ideas of what their opposit was like before.

            The person would only remember the good stuff, never the rocky road or bad things. It's wrong to have to try and compete with a ghost.

            Personal note: When I date, wife of 20 years died of brain tumor as everyone has been told... several times, sigh... I think it is just plain wrong to place them up against her in a comparison.

            1) She's gone, while they are here
            2) Their idea of the present and mine should be the same... refer to item #1
            3) I would not be there if she were here
            4) But she is not...
            5) They are and deserve the same attention I would have given her.
            6) It's what she would have wanted...

            Like I said, no one deserves the position of competing with a ghost...

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              i agree that if theres chemistry and SOMEthing in common, age doesnt matter. but i see it like how much could a 70 yr old guy have in common with a 20 yr old girl, or vice versa, with the woman being 70??

              my friend at work is 36 and she's dating an 18 yr old guy. we tease her a little, and remind her not to give him liquor! other than that...we're all jealous!
              "You did what you knew how to do...and when you knew better, you did better." ~~Maya Angelou


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