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would you "square up" your neighbour's ticket ?


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  • would you "square up" your neighbour's ticket ?

    A police officer was sentenced to 3 months jail last week for helping a neighbour avoid a
    from your old mate
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    This sort of thing is also illegal in most if not all parts of the US.

    I've had family members and close friends get tickets, and the most I've ever done with them is answer questions as to potential fine, will this cause their license to get suspended, etc.


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      I never did anything like that. I wouldn't do anything like that either. It would have been a lot less trouble to simply pay the ticket for his neighbor. I am suprised that he might be able to get his job back after he gets out of jail.
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        Sounds like what that PC did went way beyond just asking another officer if they mind giving someone a break. If we removed or altered an issued citation here..there would surely be hell to pay.
        I think the citizen got the short end of the stick though. How can you hold him accountable for the actions of the officer? I presume all he did was ask his neighbor if there was anything he could do...right?


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          I "took care" of a parking ticket for my grandmother one time. By "took care" I mean I put the three bucks in the envelope and put it in the drop box. Hey, it was my grandma. Any bodyelse is on thier own.


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            Three months is kind of "extreme", though, doncha think?????

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              Three months is NOT extreme for corruption. I think they ought to charge MORE officers for doing this.

              It DOES still happen though.

              I do NOT do it, and if I hear of an officer doing it, I'm SURE to tell everyone how unprofessional and corrupt they are. And it IS corruption. If the case doesn't merit prosecution, the DA can decide that on his own.

              A mayor of a small town in western NC was recently "outed" for doing it, during a highly visible and newsworthy airing of his Town's dirty laundry. He not only admitted to it, but BRAGGED about it! He told one of the officers openly "Yeah you write them and I get them dismissed-that's the way it works!"

              I visualize this inbred mayor as a "Boss Hogg" type and to date, I'm not aware of any action against him other than he was fired from his position as a reserve deputy. It'll probably get swept under the rug.

              I DO NOT do it.

              My brother got a ticket from a friend of mine. I told him not to be speeding and it will not happen.

              My wife got a ticket, and I arranged to have her go through "Defensive Driving" school, which she did, and her ticket was dismissed, BUT THIS IS AN OPTION AVAILABLE TO ANYONE.

              Any officer that fixes tickets is more concerned with himself/herself and personal interest than law enforcement, and since it does eventually leak out to the public, hurts the profession.

              [ 12-26-2002, 10:35 AM: Message edited by: SGT Dave ]
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                Besides being illegal in California, I think most departments (at least mine) have procedures set up that make it almost impossible to do. Which is as it should be.


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                  I got summonsed for 29 over not too terribly long ago. I was doing more than that. I deserved it. I *should* have gotten summonsed for "driving with head up ***." I was singing and enjoying the first good weather and CRUISING down a very long grade. I DESERVED IT. Sad part is I wasn't even trying to get anywhere fast...

                  Officer knew where I worked. When *he* mentioned I could go to jail for my speed (30+ is a criminal offense in my state, you can load 'em if you so desire) I said "I know... I work for so-n-so pohleece AND the SO." He wrote me anyway. I was neither mad nor upset.

                  However, a Sgt of mine was, and called this ofc., who he went to school with. Ofc never returned Sarge's call... po'd sarge. I kept saying, I DESERVED it. I did however, ask for a court date.

                  Funny... I showed up for court... Officer didn't. And *poof* that summons went away as if it had never existed.

                  I know I ****ed him off, end of shift, just before days off, I *know* better... but in the end, I did get the 'professional courtesy' my peers all felt I deserved. *I* would probably not write a fellow officer under similar circumstances (clear day, very light traffic, VERY apologetic) but... that's me. Usually the guilt and peer pressure are plenty.

                  FWIW, if Ofc had shown up for court,I was going to plead guilty and pay the fine, no questions asked...


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                    Just to further my "extreme" previous comment. I do not question the integrity, legality, corruption or any aspects.

                    I am just surprised that there wouldn't be an option of paying instead of going into the poke.

                    ...and yes considering the guy's record, he should have known, and they also should have not been in such a rush to make him a poster child. I am certain there is more to this than meets the proverbial eye, as is usually the case.

                    Hope that clears up any mud. My personal op is that once it is written, it is pretty much out of your hands. (Pun intended)

                    American by Birth, Aggie By Choice, TEXAN by the grace of God...

                    "It's not the size of the dog in the fight, what matters is the size of the fight in the dog."


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                      It would require the consent of the issuing officer here. Traffic tickets are state forms that create 5 copies. The issuing officer (or his agency depending on the agency policy) keeps one copy. A ticket can't be voided without all 5 copies.

                      Some agencies would allow you to void it for a good reason, but some won't allow you to change your mind after the fact. FL Highway Patrol, for example, makes a trooper appear in front of a board to explain why he voided a ticket. And, BTW, because they found out later you are a cop or a cops family is not acceptable to the board. The trooper would get disciplined.


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                        I never "fixed" a ticket for anyone and never will. It's not worth risking getting arrested, or the loss of employment. And as stated in other posts it is illegal, the tickets multiple copies, are numbered, accounted for, and are processed by the Centralized Infraction Bureau in Hartford.

                        My wife tried once... she got one for being parking in a fire lane. "I only ran in for a minute!" was her excuse. Ha Ha, pay it I told her. She was ****ed.
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                          Isn't this really just another version of the "Professional Courtesy" thread? I mean, after all, when an officer asks another officer to void the citation out...they are really just asking for an extention of professional courtesy...aren't they?


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                            If every officer "knows" 100 people, then, multiply that by the number of officers in America.

                            THAT is the number of people that you could not cite, if that were the case. Knowing a LEO IS NOT grounds for getting out of a ticket (or should not be.)

                            It really sucks for those who don't know a LEO.

                            Ticket fixing is corruption, not a neighborly duty.
                            People have more fun than anybody.


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                              Originally posted by 207:
                              My wife tried once... she got one for being parked in a fire lane. "I only ran in for a minute!" was her excuse. Ha Ha, pay it I told her. She was ****ed.

                              That's cold !!! I bet it was right after that she started spending every cent you bring home !!!
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