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Why not call a spade a spade?


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  • Why not call a spade a spade?

    I'm a little confused by the latest trend in government and war-related nomenclature.

    Ever since Bush announced the creation of the "Office (now Department) of Homeland Security" I've noticed that they seem to be coming up with all these cutesy names for things. Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom -- what's with all the flowery language?

    It reminds me of the Cold War-Era Soviet Union and its ilk, with their People's Army this and Revolutionary Workers that, etc.

    If you're going to send 200,000 troops into another country without invitation, it's a war, not a "military conflict."

    If you're going to drop 200 cruise missiles and 1500 bombs on a country's leadership, it's a bombing campaign, not "Shock and Awe."

    Is anyone in the world truly dense enough to have their opinion swayed by what you call your actions?
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    Yeah, I know what you mean. It's kinda like when women use abortion as a form of birth control and say they're "pro choice." I call them murderers. It's so annoying when people try to justify their actions with corny phrases and lame reasoning.


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      Abortion is used for reasons other than birth control. That debate will not rise here.

      Thread locked - you may call it censorship if that language makes you feel better.
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