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  • Mumia Abu-Jamal

    Guilty or not guilty???????????????
    Aspiring Hard***

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    Originally posted by signmeup:
    Guilty or not guilty?
    Duh. That verdict came in many years ago. Stupid Troll.


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      I will try and assume that you have been living in a Taliban cave for the last 20 years and are legit in wanting to know the truth about Wesley Cook, the CONVICTED cop killer who chooses to be known as Mumia Abu-Jamal, who in an act of cowardice shot an already wounded Phila Police Officer named Danny Faulkner several times IN THE FACE. Go to www.Danielfaulkner.com
      There is a plethora of info regarding the cop-killing animal and his "case". You can read the complete trial transcript. You can read about the misinformation campaign started by the Mumidiots. You can read a point-by-point debunking of every claim of foul play raised by the poor misguided fools who choose to support a killer. You will find EVERYTHING about the case at that site except for a denial from the animal...20 years later and he has yet to deny the deed.
      Of course you will not read any of this...ignorance is bliss. And only the ignorant support this future resident of Hades. Once you read the facts you will feel used, manipulated, foolish, and angry.
      Burn in hell, Mumia, we'll help you get there one of these days.

      [ 12-15-2001: Message edited by: LBomb ]
      "The streets of Philadelphia are safe...it's the people that make them unsafe"---Frank Rizzo


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        Originally posted by signmeup:
        Guilty or not guilty???????????????

        I'm really in no mood to argue this. Just curious what your whole point is in posting this, especially on a law enforcement forum. Purposely trying to stir the pot?


        Nice to see you're still around. I've missed your imput here.


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          Geez, signmeup, and I was nice to you in another thread.

          I sincerely hope you're only just clueless.

          [ 12-15-2001: Message edited by: Dinosaur ]


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            Wesley Cook has been fairly tried, convicted, and sentenced. His conviction has been upheld at every judicial review. How guilty is guilty enough for you?

            If you are interested in previous discussion, then do a search in General Topics, using "mumia"; there are about a dozen threads concerning Cook and his misguided flock.

            Further rehash will not be of any benefit. This POS will get no more publicity here until its time to get together and pop a few corks.

            Thread closed.
            Dave Kiefner
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