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    My neice, a police officer, has been giving me all kinds of information about being alert to what is going on around me.
    She told me that, when I go into a store, to try to walk down the middle of the road in the parking lot. She told me to check out all the cars, see if anyone is in them and to never walk close to a van.
    It seems she follows her own advice and I am so glad. She was coming out of the library and notice a cadillac parked next to her car. She could barely make out 4 people in the car. But, what caught her eye was that the doors to the car were just barely opened. Rather then go to her car, she set off the horn in her car. She said those doors slammed and they took off like bats out of hell. They ran a red light and she managed to get a call out.
    4 black males were stopped and some of the items found in the trunk were handcuffs and duct tape.
    I can't remember what happened to them after that. But, I am really glad she gave me this info.....and that she is so observant.

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