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Anti war protestor falls off Golden Gate Bridge


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    Originally posted by 9-11:
    This phrase:
    "some scum-sucking San Francisco lawyer"
    is redundant.

    yes it is. and it's also an insult to scum suckers to be lumped in with SF lawyers.
    I'll post, You argue.


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      My close buddy is over there right now flying ch-47 ****hooks.
      I'm assuming that's "Chinhooks" so why in "chin" now a four-letter word? I have a chin, it's right below my mouth. I enjoy it.


      Out of curiousity, do you believe that such numbers of Law Enforcement being assigned to protective duties at protest rallies is a waste of police resources away from anti-terrorist duties?

      If so (and I say this making the assumption that you support law enforcement agencies), how do you equate supporting law enforcement officers while disagreeing with the way they are being used at anti-war rallies? In other words, since you claim it's only possible to support the troops while supporting the war, how can you claim to support the police while NOT supporting their use at protest rallies?

      I eagerly await your reply.


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        Crazy the CH47 has a nickname. Hopefully, you don't have any of that right below your mouth [Wink]
        BTW good to see you back.

        [ 03-24-2003, 11:20 AM: Message edited by: Bill R ]
        Bill R


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          "For any of you that have protested-please don't hide behind this charade that you also "support the troops"."

          As long as you don't hide behind the charade that you have any idea whom I do or do not support simply because I make my opinions known on a different subject. Being against the war is not being against the troops and if you choose to believe that they are mutually exclusive that is your mental block, not mine.

          "They mentally lump you in with all the other hippy-looking, flag burning, traffic blocking scum, as undoubtedly many of us on this board do."

          My grandfather, a Korean war veteran and retired police officer going to an anti-war demonstration at his church somehow still manages to hold his head high at VFW meetings. I doubt anyone has mistaken him or any of his friends at the church as "hippy looking, flag burning, traffic blocking scum" lately.

          "If you are going to go to an anti-war protest, stop and ask yourself why you are REALLY going.....I HIGHLY doubt it's to support our troops, so please don't hide behind that one anymore."

          No, you go to an anti-war protest to protest war, silly. We send off care packages, letters, watch the news anxiously, and frantically call relatives to find out if their kid was one of the ones killed that morning, to support the troops. See the difference?

          "You insult the memory of every veteran who has fought and died when you do that."

          I don't know. You could be right....why don't I go ask my grandfather? Hopefully I won't interupt him during a Bush speech...they make him cranky.

          [ 03-28-2003, 11:15 PM: Message edited by: goodgirl ]
          "They want the federal government controlling Social Security like it's some kind of federal program" ~George W. Bush, November 2, 2000


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            On the by: A CH-47 helicopter earned the nickname "Chinook", like the raw, driving wind of the same name up in Canada, rightfully earned. Those things do kick up a breeze!

            "$hithook" came from the fact they look like a twin rotored, flying outhouse! Anyone who has ever flown in one(including me) wonders how in the name of Creation those things stay in the air! And are they NOISY!!!

            A little known fact; on paper, there is no way those things can feasably fly, due to their design. Strange, but true.
            Never make a drummer mad- we beat things for a living!


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              good girl,

              You and your grandpa are in the minority as far as what I have seen for peace protestors.

              You do bring up some good points. I still hold that the majority of "peace protestors" have the same grasp of the world as janene garafalo (hopefully I misspelled her name cuz she's a maroon).


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