Well, the department whose web-site I've been working on (they love it, BTW...all the officers, especially the chief, love the way that it looks and are incredibly enthusiastic.) recently lost a part-time dispatcher.

Things are a little bit in flux right now...The position came about a few years ago when the Regional Prosecutor position was created and based in that department. Technically, the position is as a secretary to the regional prosecutor...except the office manager/dispatcher could do the job so well and so much easier that the secretary to the prosecutor usually ended up acting as a dispatcher while the office manager did the clerical work.

The department is currently reviewing the position and trying their best to figure out exactly what it is that they need and want. However, when I mentioned my interest, the chief made sure to write down what hours I was availible, and said something along the lines of "We'd have to post the position, of course, but..."

So we'll see. However, I have a grin on my face just at the prospect that not even period three will be able to wipe away.