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Video of Dog Being Tasered

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  • Video of Dog Being Tasered

    This is a great video of a dog attacking an officer and being tasered. Sorry if this was already discussed, but I didn't see it.
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    I loved the sound the dog made............YELP! YELP! YELP! YELP!!!!!!

    I bet that cop was saying, "Who's your daddy now??"

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      HA! Serves that mutt right
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        That was great, and I am a dog owner. I would have done the same thing myself.

        The sad thing is that the news crew was there and caught it on video tape.


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          That's some good Taser shooting...the smaller profile of a dog makes them quite a bit harder to get both barbs on target especially if the dog is coming straight at you.
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            Good video.I can't believe the dawg got up so soon. If you can't control a dawg,do anything it takes to subdue him.That dawg was trained by it's owner to attack.No dawg will attack at will like that without some aggression work.Hopefully the owner went to jail and tasered also

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              Nice kick. Perfectly timed.
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                Nice kick by the one officer, and an excellent shot with the taser by the other officer...good stuff!


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                  lmao!! That's some funny sh**!
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                    Originally posted by rohlarin
                    Nice kick. Perfectly timed.
                    I loved that kick lol...


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                      That is animal abuse, poor puppy gets kicked and then some cop shoots him with a tazer....

                      Ok, I out of my PETA mode, that rocks!


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                        Great moves by that officer.


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                          Was it me or was he giving the dog verbal commands before deploying the taser?

                          Not a bad idea, really. I just thought it was funny. Be even funnier if the dog actually obeyed.
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                            Very cool that they didnt um..lose their cool and shoot him. Way to stay calm boys. Good job.


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                              That clip is shown during the Taser class, in it's entirety. The Animal Control officer who showed up actually gave the dog back to the owner saying that it didn't hurt anyone (only because it got tased). If anyone asks if a Taser works on animals.....
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