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Wynona Ryder: Oscar nominated millionaire shoplifting actress?


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  • Wynona Ryder: Oscar nominated millionaire shoplifting actress?

    Is it really true? She got bagged stealing clothes? WTF was she thinking?

    Times really are tough, she must be down to her last 5 million dollars.

    Is she related to dana Plato?

    Why do you think she did it?????
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    "Speed is fine, but accuracy is final"--Bill Jordan


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      I heard she had over 5k in jewelry stashed in her clothing not to mention being in possession of prescription medication without a prescription.

      Her lawyer is already categorically denying everything, "The truth will come out"
      I never learned anything from people who agreed with me.


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        You just got to love attorneys...deny deny then counterattack! They have her on video tape.
        "You will never do anything in this world without courage. It is the greatest quality of the mind next to honor."
        - James Allen


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          She will probably say she was practicing for a part in a new movie.


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            My take is that she is trying to get a 'bad girl' image so she can land some different roles in movies. She can buy her way out of this easily, so that's my take on it.


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              Some men like that bad girl "image" so it should be a hit. I think you are right though because the script she is reading is called "Bad Girls that Steal clothes, over 5k in jewelry and are in possession of prescription medication without a prescription".


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                Absolutely nothing will happen to her.

                I've worked part time in Shopping centers and food stores as security. I first thought all I would see would be children, but actually it was mostly adults, middle-class dressed nice. Every time I went to work I would be able to nab a shoplifter!

                One store management wanted to know how much money each shoplifter had on their person at the time of apprehension...most had far more than enough to buy the little items they stole

                It was entirely possible to see more than one shoplifter doing their thing at the same time, in different areas of a store (thats what most impressed me) and we would have to select one and let the other go (but kept video for future).

                One day, with my wife dragging my butt around shopping, I was in a store waiting for her when I observed two ladies whom I had picked up before at my job site...yep, they were strolling around with their standard stroll, filling their purses (which I knew to be empty). It was enjoyable to watch security fall in with them and greet them at the door

                Shoplifters suck

                Jim Burnes


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                  For some people, shoplifting is a sign of deeper illness. Of course, it's also against the law and they have to take their licks. One can only hope that those, like Winona Ryder who could afford the STORE she was shoplifting in, get the help they need.


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                    The help she needs is the inside of a jail cell. I am sick of all of these poor celebs who make more money than God have all of their stupid problems, then we are suppose to understand they are sick.

                    So what!? Put em all in Jail!!
                    "Speed is fine, but accuracy is final"--Bill Jordan


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                      I heard there's also drug charges.She was probably just doing it for a thrill, and I agree, I'm sick of seeing these celebs getting off on everything. So what if she's a little crazy, depressed - I'm sure she won't be treated the same as some mom on welfare stealing because she can't afford nice clothes. She needs to take responsibility, the same as if I walked into a store and stole 5K worth of stuff and had illegal drugs on me.
                      Merry Christmas everyone,
                      have a safe holiday!


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