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Went to a Klamath Falls rally/fundraiser. Fun!


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  • Went to a Klamath Falls rally/fundraiser. Fun!

    No, I didn't actually go up to Oregon,
    but here in the Central Valley area of
    California, one of several big caravans
    passed through. There are other caravans
    covering other states before they reach

    There were between 100 and 125 people at
    this one. There were some good speakers,
    including a local U.S. Congressman in support
    of the cause.

    I ended up paying $100 for 2 t-shirts that
    would have probably been a $3.99 special
    at Wal-Mart, and I paid $20 for a $3.00
    bucket. A 12 oz can of soda was $1.00, but
    I decided it was worth $2.00. I ended up
    donating $122 for the cause. I would have
    liked to give more, but I still feel pretty
    happy and good for giving to a good cause.

    There were some shovels auctioned off,
    you know, your normal 30 to 50 dollar
    shovel. Well, they were used to protest
    in other states by digging away at things,
    it was sponsored by a group called the
    Shovel Brigade. Well, one shovel was
    sold at $1,000, another shovel sold for
    $850. There were other items that went
    for high prices, too. One lady bought a
    $10 bottle of wine for $55 dollars and
    she donated it right back and it sold again
    for $35.

    This caravan went all through California,
    and it was all about helping those in need.
    It was a lot of fun.

    The big message one speaker gave was, it
    doesn't stop when they reach Klamath, Or.,
    the 21st of this month, it is where it

    There is talk of the caravans uniting and
    traveling to Washington D.C. to peacefully
    protest in front of the White House. I wish
    them the best, and if work permits, I might
    just go along for the ride.

    They also mentioned the four firemen and
    other firemen killed, not to mention other
    people killed by these insane environmental
    wackos out there.

    I am real happy to help those farmers up
    there, even though it was only $122 from
    me, but, every little bit helps. We have
    to keep our farmers in business if we want
    the safest and best food available.

    If you are not for the American farmer,
    do us a favor, go on a hunger strike.

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