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    Have an argument going here at work... What branch of the government are the police and district attorneys office part of?

    I say Executive as they ENFORCE the law... a few people are stuck on the idea they are part of the Judicial...

    Help! Give me proof or set me straight... thanks!
    Education is nothing without experience to back it up.

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    NOTE: The following is for the FEDERAL level ONLY. State and local municipalities may be different.

    Legislative: Makes laws
    Judiciary: Explains/interprets laws
    Executive: Executes/carry outs laws

    The duties of the Executive Branch(President) include:

    Legislative: The President enforces the Constituiton and the nation's laws, recommends measures to Congress and vetoes/signs bills passed by Congress.

    Diplomatic: The President meets with leaders of other nations and makes treaties(with the consent of the Senate) with them.

    Military: The President is the Commander and Chief of the armed forces and can send troops into action anywhere in the world if American lives or interests are in danger.

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      Branches of Govt
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        another web page

        and another web page

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          Thanks, I found it also...

          So the police and prosecutors Are executive.

          Education is nothing without experience to back it up.


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            Without a question-executive. Anyone who is employed by the government, who carries out any of the various directives of the legislative body whether local, state, or federal, are part of the executive branch of government. Teachers, police, firefighters, social services personnel, clerks, city street construction workers, city maintenance workers, state poultry inspectors, etc...are all executive. They are part of the bureaucratic system that carries out democratic directives, no matter what it is that they particularly do. When the unemployment office screens you for eligibility under the law and agency rules for benefits, and then sends you a check they are EXECUT-ing their function as prescribed by law. When a law enforcement officer serves a warrant they are EXECUT-ing the warrant, etc...

            Legislative- makes local state and federal laws. Congress, State houses, county commissions, and city councils.

            Judicial- Decides when offenses against the law have been committed. Supreme court, Circuit courts, Federal district courts, State supreme courts, State appealate courts, district superior and district state courts.

            Executive- Any of the various persons or agencies with the responsiblity of enforcing laws or regulations and/or carrying out the directives of legislature.

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