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Living next to Jeff Foxworthy


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  • Living next to Jeff Foxworthy

    Living with Redneck Neighbors.

    [ 04-18-2002: Message edited by: Future-Cop ]

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    All I can say is that I am glad that is not my neighbor He might make my property value increase LOL

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      That's a mansion with quality work by anybody's standards out here in beautiful Sandy Valley. We actually had a man "Pallette Paul" who for years lived in a two story "house" made comletely out of scrap wood he picked up. Picture a club house built by 11-13 year olds and you have the idea. County finally came out and made him tear it down after several years. Out here, nobodythought twice about it.


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        hehehe, that was so funny
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          I just wish i had a better neighbor. The little creep of a son took out my brand new fence with his truck and does not even have the common decency to come offer to pay to have it repaired. I hate these people. And i even made my kids give up their birthday money to replace the window they broke while playing basketball to the neighbors on the other side. Whats wrong with these parents nowadays??? I am wondering if i should go to small claims court and have them served papers to replace it? Which means more time and money out of my pocket because of these jerk %$$#*&^ neighbors.

          Sorry for the rant but now i feel better and can have a good day at work. Thanks everyone for listening. Your way cheaper than a head shrinker.
          "To each his own"


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            I have a 'neighbor from Hell', too. Even though my neighborhood is zoned 'residential ONLY', he's conducting a salvage business from his residence. His yard could pass for a 'land fill'.

            As for 'what's wrong with parents these days?' You said the KEY word: PARENTS. IMO, parents are few and far between these days. Just because a person has offspring, doesn't mean they are a PARENT. A parent is RESPONSIBLE. What you are currently referring to as 'parents', I call 'breeders'.

            [ 04-18-2002: Message edited by: shooter1201 ]
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              You live next door to Niteshift???
              Dave Kiefner
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                I hate my neighbors...they are cheap non workin' (insert remark here). Every damn weekend this fella is out there with a yard sale of junk.

                Did I mention their kids are always out till 3 am?

                I want to move.


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                  Did you ever consider writing a book? It could be a best seller. You have talent, lots of material and pictures. You could call it "Nightmare on {Insert appropriate name} Street".

                  If someone buys it I hope they don't try to turn it into a tourist attraction and charge admission.


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                    I have a 'neighbor from Hell', too. Even though my neighborhood is zoned 'residential ONLY', he's conducting a salvage business from his residence. His yard could pass for a 'land fill'.

                    When my husband retired from the Air Force we bought 20 acres and built a beautiful home overlooking the bay, Strait of Juan De Fuca and Mt. Baker. We sold our cabin and two acres of our property to a couple who said they sold their house because of all the noise from a log dump. "Mr. neighbor from hell" got a permit to build a very, very, very large garage. Next thing we knew, he opened a shake mill and would start the saws at 2 am six days a week. When we complained about the noise, his response was to get up at 5 am Sunday morning, start a lawn mower that would wake the dead, and run it up and down the property line. Btw, this is the area where the original "Ma and Pa Kettle" lived and Betty McDonald and her husband had a chicken ranch that inspired her to write the book "The Egg and I".

                    One sunny afternoon I went to town with my neighbor's wife, when we returned she parked the car in her carport and proceeded to take the groceries out of the trunk. The door to the cabin was open, you could hear the phone ringing. She yelled out, "Mamma answer that phone." From inside came a voice that yelled back, "I ain't going to answer it, it ain't my phone." :rolleyes"

                    Our little community decided to change to a school district that was more convenient for the children, there were a few people who opposed it. We had one meeting after another, finally representatives from school districts all over the state came to sit in on a hearing that would decide which district we would belong to. Our genius neighbor got up and stated, "I went to P. T schools all of my life and it ain't hurt me none." Without knowing it, he did us a big favor, we got the district of our choice.

                    Then there was our volunteer Fire Dept! On a cold winter night they were called out to a fire, when they arrived at the scene they discovered there were no fire nozzles on the truck. The chief had locked them in a safe in his grocery store so nobody would steal them. On another night, they were in such a disorganized hurry they ran over the foot of the Assist. Chief with the fire truck. And to top it off, they had a Fireman's Ball, that sounds like fun, right? Nobody coordinated the food, people were told to bring something. Are you ready for this? Every single one of them brought a jar of Mayonnaise. At least they were all on the same track. When I first heard about it I thought they were kidding, but nope, it actually happened.

                    The neighbor who lived above us was a die hard liberal who hated Rush Limbaugh. A new home was going up next door to us that would be directly below him. The men who were building it would turn up their radio so they could listen to Rush. After a few days of this, Mr. Liberal couldn't stand it any longer so he got his rifle out and shot the radio. If any of you were Rush fans at the time, you may have heard him talking about it on his show. Btw, Mr. Liberal spent some time in jail for that one.

                    One day Mr. Neighbor from hell's son came home mad at his folks who happened to be gone that day. He got a rifle and started shooting at our house, resulting in the police being called. The police had a little stand-off with him before taking him away in cuffs.

                    We decided it was time for us to move into town.
                    Illegitimus non carborundus!


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                      Well I declair, poor old JD8 sure does have a tough time with that neighbor, Carlos.

                      Damn, a good ole boy just can't have ANY fun anymore without some nosey neighbor complainin'! And to call the COPS out over a lil' ol' party? Whhy Carlos ain't NEVER gonna get an invite thata way.

                      An b'gosh, he even complains when JD8 IMPROVES the place!
                      6P1 (retired)


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                        After we left our small community,a wealthy man bought a large amount of acreage near the water, built a beautiful home, parked out the property and placed large carved trolls here and there. Across the street he built a stable that looks like a castle. Out of the goodness of his heart, he built a new firehouse, a replica of the one at Disneyland, for the community. Some of the neighbors didn't like what "the new guy" was doing so they proceeded to harass him with their actions and ignored him, as people sometimes do when they decide they don't like somebody because of personal prejudice. One night a neighbor from hell got together with two like minded cronies, they shot Mr. X's night watchman, then took a board with a long nail pounded into one end of it and beat their new neighbor's prize horse to death. They were caught and sent to prison but nothing happened to the man who kept everybody fired up against Mr. X. He lived across the street from two empty lots that were right above the beach, enjoying a beautiful unobstructed view across the Strait. Unbeknownst to him, Mr. X bought the two empty lots and within a few weeks started construction on a very large three story house directly in front of the culprits home, a one story house, completely blocking off his view. "How sweet it is."

                        [ 04-18-2002: Message edited by: Pnutt ]
                        Illegitimus non carborundus!


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                          Great post have to send it to my son that lives in Mississippi in a nice subdivision and I'm always calling him a redneck.
                          Stay safe and watch your back. Survived Katrina. Now a Official member of the Chocolate City Police.


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                            My hubby was reading that very thing the other nite, howling all the time.Unfortunately these folks do exist.



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                              We have 2 neighbors from hell. One goes around telling everybody how to mow their yard, paint their house, etc.(The leaf man) He seemed real neighborly at first. So did his wife. They complimented us on our home improvments then told us they had just been nice to us in order to get us to "clean up our house" because that's the only view they have from their picture window. My husband was furious because there was nothing wrong with our house. Everything is always neat and tidy and well kept. But, they felt we should paint our house, which we planned on doing anyway. When we were painting, they went around congratulating THEMSELVES to other neighbors saying they had been the driving force in getting us to do so. The other neighbors were incensed also because there was nothing wrong with our house.
                              So, we made everything really beautiful then my husband went out and purchased 6 pink plastic flamingos and planted them in our yard. I was dying laughing. Here he comes. He said, "We are not going to sit there and look at that horrible yard art." My husband said, "Well, you have no choice cause they are staying. Now, go an tell the neighbors about your neighbors again and I saw LOTS of yard art at Wal-Mart!"". They look awful but it's great! LOL!
                              Now, we are having problems with our backyard neighbor. He wants to add a second story to his house which would completely block sun from our pool during the best part of the day. We may not have a leg to stand on (flamingo pun intended) but my husband is going to the zoning board. We will see what they say.


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