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Combat Missions comes down to two SWATTERS in the finals!!!


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  • Combat Missions comes down to two SWATTERS in the finals!!!

    Two SWATTERS are going head-to-head in the final episode of Combat Missions on USA Network!!

    Can I get a HOOAH?

    dat's RIGHT! It was a couple of SWATTERS that beat out the rest of the Special Ops types from Delta, SEAL's, Force Recon, Special Forces, Rangers, Combat Controllers, and CIA.

    Call us a bunch of donut eaters and county sheriff's, huh?

    Yeah, who's the BEE-OTCH now?


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    LOL I REALLY need to watch tv so that I can see some of these tv programs to see something like that head to head competetion. LOL

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      Shoot, we are lucky to have TV here at all. Our cable company doesn't carry the USA network.
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        and Dexter won, he's the best of the best.


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          Overall, I thought the show was a little hokey.

          Maybe if the missions were longer? But I don't know. They can't really show too much of how this stuff works for security reasons. And alot of the stuff I would find interesting, they average viewer would think was as exciting as watching paint dry.

          I had to watch at least the first season, though. The best part IMO was that it showed that swatters and other operator types were just regular people like anyone else, instead of a bunch of mechanical Rambo types.

          Anyway, I think it's really kewl that it came down to a couple of swatters even if it was just a game show.


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            I was surprised by the CONSTANTLY ' malfunctioning' M4 in the next to last elimination. WHY the different magazines? THAT was really 'suspect', IMO.

            BTW...did you see 'how close' Dexter came to LOSING in the Simunitions event?
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              My wife, several friends, and I had a Combat Missions party last night. I've been pointing out all along that SWAT always had the better shooters, and I had no doubt that Bravo was going to win.

              But as for the final contestant, I gotta say there was a healthy element of luck in that win. He certainly deserved it, but Kain was coming really close...

              Frankly, I really want someone to say "Yeah, I'm sending five thousand on down to Jody Taylor...he's the one that saved us all in the first three missions..."

              My .02
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                Originally posted by shooter1201:
                BTW...did you see 'how close' Dexter came to LOSING in the Simunitions event?
                Yes! There was a blue paint mark right outside of his "circle". I'd love to try some Simunitions scenarios after watching that!
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                  Sparky, you stumbled on my one and only vice, and it's Combat Missions! I dont watch much t.v., but I tuned in to that show every Wednesday night.

                  For what it's worth, Jeff Byers was robbed!!!! IMHO, he was hands down the best competitor to make it to the finals! I think something was kind of fishy with Don Anderson and the way he was breaking down that M4 after the malfunctions. He didn't do it in front of the guy, he kept turning his back to him and wouldn't really show him the weapon and what had malfunctioned. I also dont buy the bit about Byers not seating the magazine properly!

                  I do like the fact that SWAT dominated Bravo Squad became the Team Champions, but IMHO, Delta was the best Squad, and Baz was the single best contestant on the entire show. He exemplified what a true operator really is. He was a quiet professional who did his job, and always did it to the best of his abilities. He was good and he knew it, but he never bragged about it.


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                    We all know that the weakest part of the M16/M4/AR15 (whatever) is that magazine. If you bend that little lip in there, you're gonna have feed problems.

                    It doesn't suprise me at all that he had problems with those plastic Simunition magazines.

                    The only beef I have with that excercise is this: They should have had secondary weapons so that they could transition.

                    They kept saying, "Hey that happens in the real world."

                    Well, that's true. But if they want to get all "real worldly" then in my world, when my primary goes down, I let it hang and got to my secondary.



                    • #11
                      From what I recall, "Survivor" had a scandal regarding the producers rigging the show -- asking people to vote others off, etc.

                      Wouldn't surprise me if they rigged some events on Combat Missions ...


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                        damn i was glad to see the swaters in the final. Right when I saw the first show, and noticed that Bravo was predominatly SWAT, I picked them to win it all. And they did, quite easily I might add. The only thing that surprised me was that Dexter took the overall comp, I thought that one of the other Bravo members would have taken it over him.


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