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K9's, Bark or Bite


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  • K9's, Bark or Bite

    This discussion is for everyone, LEO and civilians alike...

    Ever since the April riots, the U.S. department of Justice has been looking into the policies and practices of the Cincinnati police department. Now they say that they should train their K9 units not to bite, but rather to find and bark. What do you think?

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    Sounds illogical-if the bg's know K9 will not hold them, they will keep running or turn and attack the K9. All the bg's have to do to avoid being bitten, is stop, obey the officers and get trundled off to the jail.

    Or, they could engage in non-criminal activities instead


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      It's ludicrous. The article also hints that the dogs are "profiling".

      Perhaps psychological testing and intensive background checks would solve the problem?


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        How about just having the POS thug STOP when the cop says so?

        Man I hate this crap!

        Dogs profiling? Who teaches them that? A Canine officer?


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          Why have K-9's??? They are just another tool in the use of force continuum for law enforcement.
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            I'm sure this is a legally complicated issue, and the people most qualified to know if bark only will work everyday, in every situation, are experienced K9 officers. Would like to hear a pro and con discussion that addresses K9 training, officer safety and the current thought in PD's around the country.


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              I'm with Friday on this one. It has always been my understanding that what makes most BG's give up and do what the K9 officer says is the fear of getting bitten by the dog! It is kinda like telling the officers that they could carry the gun, but you can never point it at anyone! I thought the following quote is the key to the issue: "But we routinely ask our dogs to look for people who have guns. And you have to remember that the dogs are protecting their human partners." If the BG has a gun, and all the dog could do is bark at him, you are taking away the dog's ability to defend himself and the officer. I hope this "recommendation" doesn't get implemented. It cou
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                WHOA!!! Disregard this.... operator error!

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                  Even dogs trained to "bark and hold" will bite a suspect. Natural instincts for the animal will allow it to bite a suspect if he threatens the dog or the handler. All K9 training is based on behavior modification. No dog as of yet accepts a computer chip with a specified program. These are animals and must be under the watchful eye of the handler. Bark and hold is good, but there are still multiple times when you want your dog to grab a hold.
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                    I love this debate!!! We once had a guy flee from us in his car into another county. After crashing, he got out and funmbled around his waist band after falling onto the ground. One of the other k9 guys yelled at him to show his hands or he would send the dog. He told us to "F" off and kept reaching into his pants. The k9 was off to the races, and bit this guy in the head and neck (he was nealing, facing away) When we asked the bad guy why he ran, he said that he though we wouldnt chase him into another county. As to why he didnt comply with the orders, he said he thought that we wouldnt send the k9 in. (Bad day for thinking.)
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