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Another addition to the Dumb Complainant file


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  • Another addition to the Dumb Complainant file

    Jay Leno last night reported that a Boston man had started his truck to let it warm up & went back into his house to have a cup of coffee. He came outside to find his truck gone. So he went inside & called the police who said he would need to come down to file a report. The man started his wife's car to let it warm up & went back inside the house to have another cup of coffee. You guessed it...his wife's car was stolen.

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    If he has time to go inside, drink a whole cup of coffee and go back to the car while the engine warms, (a) it must really get cold in Boston, or (b) he has a really old car.


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      I always used to do that when i worked the day shift. it kind of kills two birds with one stone... lets the car get warm while i have my coffee. it's not just warming up the engine, it's getting the heat nice and warm. when it's 20 degrees outside, that feels good! (yes my car was old lol)
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        Maybe he should start drinking his coffee while looking out the window.
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          A little off-topic. I just watched a news story about ways to save gas now that it's near (and, in many places, over) $2 a gallon. They said the old thing about letting your car idle for five minutes to warm it up wastes a lot of fuel. The car will warm up twice as fast when it's being driven.

          The only time I let my car idle to warm up is when it's SO cold that I can't breathe inside the car without fogging up the windows. Then I have no choice but to let it warm up enough to at least keep the windshield clear.
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            You wanna talk about wasting fuel? Last night I stayed out way too late in Louisville (not drinking, just cruising around taking some night pictures). I was so tired I was driving with my head out the window to stay awake. When I was about two miles from the gate I finally realized that the engine sounded like it was revved way too high. I never looked at the tac, but I looked down and realized I was in 2nd gear! [Eek!] I had been driving about 60 for 20 miles in 2nd. I don't know why, how, or when I put it in 2nd, but I'm sure it didn't just slip. I dropped a quarter tank in those 20 miles.

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