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Don't bring a BB Gun to a Gunfight!


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  • Don't bring a BB Gun to a Gunfight!

    This guy had some nice priors, battery, escape, robbery, habitual violent felon. Suspected in a string of robberies on the Eastside.
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    Ooooorah for the officer. I also noted he appears to be a 35 year vet. Again that was THIRTY-FIVE years! Ooooorah!

    Lets see how long it takes for the scummy types to start pontificating about how he should have shot him in the leg or be charged with murder.
    People have more fun than anybody.


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      A rubber gun.

      It amazes me that this punk lasted as long as he did. Looks like "natural selection" finally caught up with him...

      I sure hope he didnt reproduce... [Eek!]
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        Going back to the Larry Nevers' case, Nevers stopped a kid with a toy replica gun just before the Malice Green incident. He took the gun off the kid warning him about the dangers of carrying a look alike weapon. Later, after the Green incident, when the toy gun was found in Nevers' car, Nevers' was accused of carrying a "drop gun". At trial, the prosecutor used that lie to ruin Never's reputation to the jury, ultimately resulting in conviction. (The jury was never told that the prosecutor's staff had interviewed the kid and confirmed Never's story about were he got the gun.)

        Moral of the story: If you take a toy gun off someone, drop it down the nearest sewer immediately, lest it be used against you in a court of law.

        [ 03-14-2003, 11:31 PM: Message edited by: celia ]


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          Sewer, hell! The river running through my fair city is the final resting place of many a weapon/lookalike I've taken off of some mope.

          While told by others I should keep such goodies for "souveniers", I tell them I'm not going to be caught with it, to be accused of using such for a "throw down." The only "throw down" I utilize is throwing it down into the drink!

          One of my all time situations happened some years ago, when I was employed by a security company; our main forte was providing security patrols/fixed post security for a chain or conveinence stores. One night my partner and I happened on a car in the lot of a store, with a couple of youths in it, acting pretty peculiar. I approached the passenger side, when the youngster made a sudden move for the floorboard. I then noticed the butt of a gun sticking out from under a bandana. I yelled "GUN" to my partner, whereupon we both drew our weapons, and made those young men grab the windshield! They both started to bawl and shake, saying it was a toy gun. We made them exit the car, kiss the concrete(and all that other Adam 12 stuff), and I then took the gun out. It was indeed a toy gun; it shot those 8 shot ring caps.

          I asked the kid, who's ear I practically screwed my gun into, WTF he thought he was doing! He was trying to hide it, so we wouldn't see it. I gave him a 7.2 Richter scale chewing out, telling him that gun looked real, and at night, in a split second, who'd know the difference?

          As if they thought it would make any difference, they told us they bought it in that store! We checked a display of toys, and sure enough, there they were. The cap guns were designed to look like a small framed revolver, kind of like a Saturday Night Special. Black plastic, which resembled blue steel, and the grips looked like they were made of walnut.
          Although there was a red plastic plug in the end of the barrel, that was no problem to remove, and from the front, it looked like someone had a .38 pointed at you!
          On account of their cooperation, and because we didn't have much else to hold them for, we kicked them loose, after giving them a "Dutch uncle" lecture, advising them not to return to the store, and to play with safer toys!(They said they were going to play a joke on someone ).

          I carried the gun for the rest of the night. Sick to death of complacencey with those stores and employees, I figured it was time for an eye opener. At every patrol stop, I'd visit with the clerk, have them sign my activity log, and without warning, I'd pull the gun and point it at them. All but one clerk nearly jumped out of their shoes. The one that didn't laughed at me; he was a gun collecter/enthusiast, and recognized it as a toy gun right away.

          After I submitted a lengthy report, which was forwarded to the stores' Corporate HQ, those toys were pulled from all the stores within a week.

          "Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil!"

          Another growing problem are these lookalike air pistols, made by Daisy. We had a situation here not too long ago; a city PD officer nearly shot a kid in the housing projects, when the kid was waving around a Daisy Powerstrike 240. I have one; the darned thing looks for all the world like a Beretta 92 FS. Only shoots .24 cal plastic or aluminum balls, and only has about 200 fps velocity(great for making a cat leave a Christmas tree alone), but at night, who would know?
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