"Assault car: According to news reports, the Washington area
killers modified their car so they could shoot from the car
without being seen. Obviously it was the car that allowed these
two criminals to assault people. This is not the first time a car
became a sniper. Teddy Kennedy's car killed a girl while trying
to drive underwater. We must ban these assault vehicles -- as
registration and licensing did not prevent these horrible crimes."

Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the
party, particularly if they're dead. The Democrats count on
their corpses. Two years ago it was Mel Carnahan, killed in
a plane crash on the eve of the Senate election in Missouri,
which turned out to be a good career move for the missus.
This time the cooling corpse of the hour is Paul Wellstone's,
killed in another plane crash on the eve of election, and Walter
Mondale is resuscitated, though to judge by the photographs in
this morning's newspapers, not very successfully. The Democrats
tried to make health care their signature issue but became merely
the party of rock-and-roll funerals and extended burial benefits.
Not all the Democratic corpses are even dead. You could ask
Robert (the Torch) Torricelli or almost anyone from New Jersey,
where they know about planting corpses. Why do you think they
call it the Garden State?" --Wesley Pruden


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