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  • Scruples...

    morals, ethics, integrity, didactic, character, rectitude, self-respect, values, sincerity....

    These are some of the words I used to associate Officer.com with. Lately, it's been a lot of negative thoughts and ill feelings.

    I thought about not posting this at all, but why not speak my mind? I've done it over 1000 times already, why not make this one really count?

    I thought about posting this in random thoughts, as they are just merley MY random thoughts, but it's one thread I don't want any parts of. I was, and still am, highly offended by it.

    I am so far from being a prude, but I think there's a time and a place for everything. Some of the things that were said were so far over the top, and I was really surprised they were allowed to stay, being that this is (from what I was told) a family forum.

    The last thing I want my children to read about is how a particular woman hates when a man c*ms inside her, or how another wants to know how a man here likes his sex. I don't want my kids to hear about someone's menstral cycle here, or their yeast infections, or how using the bathroom after sex gets rid of the man's...Need I say more?

    The thread has been the cause of many discussions and some of the most frequent comments I hear are, "That thread just needs to go away", "What a bunch of tramps", "O.com isn't what it used to be, now I know why I stay away".

    I know I'll make many enemies today for speaking my mind, but so be it. Quite honestly, I really don't care much how people dislike me after this (or even disliked me prior). I've always been outspoken and I believe I should be very honest with how I feel. Sometimes it takes people a little bit longer to express what's on their mind - a little longer to say how they really feel, just as I'm doing now, but I went for broke.

    I'm sure if you dig deep enough, someone will find something I've said here on the forum that I would now regret, because the last thing I want to be thought of is a tramp, hussy, whatever. I know there are ways to have fun, but if that's fun, thank God I'm not part of it.

    I thought about writing this to each of the mods and admins, and actually started to do so yesterday from work, but I decided to be daring and risk being an outcast and just go for it. If this thread gets deleted, at least I can say I feel better for speaking my mind.

    Thanks for letting me vent.

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    I am not a mod on this forum, and perhaps I'm out of line to speak for the folks that are, but I will anyway. I do not believe there is any way that your thread will be deleted.

    I AM a mod in the jokes (etc) area however, and I will certainly take responsibility for not doing anything about that thread. I certainly can understand how it could upset some folks, and I am sorry that you have been offended by it.

    OTOH, there are threads that I personally don't like. If those threads are NOT in a section where I am a moderator, I just don't read them, once I discover that I don't like them.

    We walk a fine line here as a moderator. You want to keep the site "acceptable" without doing too much in the way of "censorship." What offends some folks, will certainly be acceptable to others. Exactly WHERE does the line get drawn.

    My own personal outlook has been to pretty much leave it alone, unless we have folks who are just flatly "dissing" another member, or a troll that is just out to create problems. Being as how I am much less than perfect myself, I have a hard time in judging others. Particularly when it is being done in fun.

    katy, you are a VERY valued member of this forum, and there is no way that I want to see you offended. I appreciate what it has taken you, in the way of intestinal fortitude, to post your feelings.
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      Katey, I dont mind when people speak their mind, as long as it is done politely, as you did. As far as I know, you didn't break any forum rules, so I wont be deleting, or editing your post. As far as I'm concerned, it's staying as is.

      Originally posted by KateyKakes:
      Some of the things that were said were so far over the top, and I was really surprised they were allowed to stay, being that this is (from what I was told) a family forum.
      Your right, some of those comments should have been deleted. I was the first moderator to respond to the thread, and my fellow moderators and administrators probably saw that I had noticed the commments, and not edited them. So they probably didn't feel comfortable going back and correcting my mistake, after all, as a mod, I am supposed to do my own job, and not rely on others to do it for me. Now that we are talking about it openly, and honestly, I want the blame to fall where it rightfully belongs, on me, and no one else. I chose to let the comments remain, and I shouldn't have.

      In my initial response I addressed Brickcop's post in a humorous manner. When I originally posted in that thread I didn't notice the comments that you are currently refering to. I came back and checked the thread later that day and noticed those comments, I knew I should have caught them earlier, but I didn't, so I decided to just let them go, which in hindsight, was a mistake, and I apologize for that mistake.

      Originally posted by KateyKakes:
      I know I'll make many enemies today for speaking my mind, but so be it.
      Some people will probably be offended by this, after all, this is a forum. If anyone is offended, so be it, the show will go on.

      As far as I'm concerned, your still alright with, and I hope you continue to be an active member of officer.com, I enjoy your posts and I would miss what you bring to officer.com.


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        In all honesty, I wasn't looking for a response, wasn't even going to post at all, just letting off steam, I guess.

        99x out of 100, if I don't agree with something I read, I close the thread and I'm done with it. Maybe it was the fact that my daughter reads the joke section of the forum and I was very embarrassed when she read that topic and said something to me...


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          And that's the hell of it katy. There have been an awful lot of things posted in the joke thread, many of which I have posted myself that probably don't belong on a family forum.

          Of course, where are the kids going to be looking first? The joke thread, where else.

          Never be afraid to speak your mind on here. That is what the forum is for.
          6P1 (retired)


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            I know a lot of wehat has been said on a lot of the various topics that have come and gone around here can get pretty questionable at times. I try to keep everything I post as clean as possible and do all I can not to go down in the gutter. I know that the thread has gone on a real rollercoaster of a ride through many subjects and in some ways it is good to see the different opinions on a wide vareity of thoughts. I can understand ones views that some of the postings could offend a number of people but when you think about it no matter what you do or say at times anymore your going to offend someone somewhere. It has gooten soo bad at times that some people just shut up so as to not cause anyone any grief.

            I hope that you continue to post katey as I have found some of the things you say to be interesting and fun to read.

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              i personally am much more offended by racism and anti-gay sentiments than by talk about sex. i would worry about my children reading those type of comments also.

              there are a few people's posts/views that i dont agree with, and they make me angry and hurt. so i skip over them now.

              i never meant to offend anyone. i really did think those that didnt want to see it, wouldnt read the posts.

              as for having someone think i'm a tramp, nobody should be judged by a few posts, IMO. i also am secure enuf in who i am to not really care what somebody thinks of me. i know what kind of person i am.

              i find it hard to believe that someone stayed away from O.com because of ONE thread, a thread that they didnt ever have to read if they didnt want to.

              [ 04-17-2002: Message edited by: jellybean40 ]
              "You did what you knew how to do...and when you knew better, you did better." ~~Maya Angelou


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                I concur with kk! Imho, the conversation in Random thoughts crossed way over the line of propriety. Those participating used very poor judgement, but we have all been guilty of that at one time or another, especially me.

                There was a thread I, with the help of the written word, stomped out of and slammed the door because I deemed some of the posts to be inappropriate.. In reading all the responses I learned a good lesson.... "One person's weeds are another person's wildflowers."

                [ 04-17-2002: Message edited by: Pnutt ]
                Illegitimus non carborundus!


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                  I think I should say something. First off let me start by saying Sanctimonious people make me ill. Secondly, this totally urinated me off! For I am mexican.
                  Finally, children should not be unsupervised when they are online.

                  if this post seems to abrasive, please delete it.
                  Oh... Oh... I know you di-int!


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                    This is a forum for cops... in light of this... I feel I should help my brother officers...

                    Main Entry: sanc


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                      oh sorry.. I should have said.. HOLIER THAN THOU....
                      Oh... Oh... I know you di-int!


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                        LOL Insane

                        In all seriousness, all one has to do is do a "search" for keywords that offend you and poof... every mention of that offending word will be right in front of you.

                        I did a search and found things that I could find offensive and I know for a fact that I probably shot my mouth/fingers off with topics that others will find offensive.

                        The important thing is, take it all in and evaluate which threads interests you and which you find offensive. It's your choice not to participate.


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                          I cant speak for anybody else, but heres my take on this.

                          The thread happend, it's there, it's not being deleted and were gonna live with it. I dont see any point in regretting it. People said what they said and it's over with. I dont think anybody meant any harm, and in the grand scheme of things, it wasn't earth shattering. Lets just move on.


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                            I am officially standing behind my one and only post in that thread. It reflects my true feeling on the topic.

                            By the way Insane, what do you mean by:

                            "I REFUSE TO PLAY THESE CHINESE FOOD MIND GAMES"

                            I don't understand the reference


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                              Originally posted by kateykakes:
                              tramp, hussy, whatever. I know there are ways to have fun, but if that's fun, thank God I'm not part of it.
                              Ok, I take serious offense to being referred to as a tramp or a hussy or a whatever. I don't recall seeing anyone holding a gun to anyone's head and forcing them to read or participate in any of the threads. I personally found some of the things posted about homosexuals awhile back to be beyond disgustingly racist/prejudiced etc. I didn't comment and I certainly didn't say anything to any of those posting. I chose not to read and not to participate. What offends me more than anything else is the way everyone was having fun and then someone complains and all of a sudden everyone is kissing her *** and apologizing. Well I'm not going to apologize to anyone and It is my opinion, I have personally lost ALL respect for some of those and the manner they posted their "apologies". I'm disgusted by this whole thing. Ive deleted almost all of my posts, you guys can find your entertainment or scandals to complain about with someone else.
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