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8-Year-Old Florida Boy Drives to School


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  • 8-Year-Old Florida Boy Drives to School

    8-Year-Old Florida Boy Drives to School


    TEMPLE TERRACE, Fla. (Reuters) - An 8-year-old Florida boy drove himself to school in a stolen car after missing the school bus, police said this week.
    The youngster was caught when schoolmates told a teacher they had seen him park the car in the faculty lot at Riverhills Elementary School in Temple Terrace, a city northeast of Tampa.

    The boy, who could barely see above the dashboard, had crossed at least one busy four-lane intersection on the 1.5-mile route from his home to the school.

    He was suspended from school for up to 10 days for endangering himself and others, but was not arrested because police did not see him driving the car.

    The boy said his uncle had been giving him driving lessons since last week in the car, a 2002 Ford Focus that had been reported stolen, police said Friday. The car theft was still under investigation.

    Police said neither the boy nor his mother knew the car was stolen, and that the mother was not arrested because there were no signs of neglect at home.

    "He wanted to show it off to his friends I guess," said Temple Terrace Police Capt. Tracy Mishler. "He made it (to school) right on time but he bragged about it and that's why he got caught."

    The boy's uncle, Darrick Wilford, was arrested on Tuesday on an unrelated vehicle theft charge.

    Incredible. I wish I could drive a 2002 vehicle now, muchless when I was 8! It is even a bit humorous that his uncle (who I am guessing taught him how to drive) was arrested after this story broke. I guess in this situation, there were no winners, only whiners.

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    What a role model he had for an uncle. Thank God he wasn't injured or killed someone else.
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        We had a serious accident here because of a stupid adult. AN uncle asked his 12 year old neice to move his car. Instead of hitting the break, she hit the accelerator. One little boy managed to jump out of the way but his cousin was run over, leaving him with two seriously broken legs. He will have to have rehabilitation and modre surgery and may never walk the same.
        Also, a few yeras back, another uncle let his neice back out his car. She killed her brother.


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          In Phoenix a few days ago a 14 year old girl took the family car (with permission) and her (I believe) little brother and "just ran down to the store." Little brother, not in a car seat, started moving around and distracted the 14 year old driver. Resulting in a crash that killed the little boy.

          The first news reports said that her father let her drive the car quite often. Of course after a few hours, then the parents started denying this. . .
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            Hmmmm, 14 huh? That's the age "I" started driving. Funny, I also wrapped my mom's car around a tree, must be the age or something

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