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  • Survey?

    Not that it will do any good but our FOP group is wants to gather some stats from other depts about pay, officers, city size, etc, to our city council and mayor to show that we are below average in staffing and pay for a city of our size (we think we are anyway). If you don't mind could you answer a few questions for me. And just to be fair I'll throw my answers in after.

    1) City size?
    2) Officers on dept?
    3) Officers in patrol division?
    4) Starting pay for officers?
    5) Pay for officers after five years?

    And my answers are:

    1) 45,000 - 55,000 somewhere with another 100,000 at least in close proximity.
    2) 87 if you count the two currently called up to active duty for Osama hunt.
    3) 35 - 40 officers in patrol if you count the rookies in the academy
    4) $13.42 an hour
    5) Between 17.00 and 18.00 an hour depending on what stage of state certification your at.

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    I agree you are well below average in staffing. As far as pay, that will depend a lot on what the average pay is for other departments in your area. We are in pretty good shape as far as staffing, when we can stay up to full staff. We lose a lot of officers because of our low pay.
    1. about 40,000
    2. full staff is 98 officers, we are at 95 currently
    3.about 45-50 in patrol division
    4. $24,300 per year, approximately $11.70 per hour
    5. depending on your merit increases, somewhere around $14.00 per hour.


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      5-$25,000 to $30,000
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        Hehehe....here it goes!

        1) 6500
        2) 18
        3) 14
        4) $9.40/hr
        5) Somewhere near- $11.60/hr

        And you thought you were under paid!


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          Population about 10,000

          14 sworn officers

          9 Patrol Officers

          Starting pay is about $17.50/hr for 2002.

          Top patrol pay in four years at somewhere around $23.00/hr for 2002.
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            Since I work for a County, things are a little different:

            1) County Population: 240,000

            2) 225 Officers total; 165 Detention, 60 Road

            3) 20 assigned to Patrol (+ 3 Sgts)

            4) 23,000 annually/about $10.35 per hour

            5) Same as above, plus annual COLA of about 3%;

            The largest City;

            1) 200,000

            2) 375?

            3) 300?

            4) 28,000 +-

            5) 35,000 +-

            Little discrepency, eh?
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              *Moving to Ask a Cop*
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