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Stupid, stupid people!!!


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  • Stupid, stupid people!!!

    We had an armed robbery last night and the three bad guys fired shots into the store. They fled in a vehicle and were spotted by state police who got in a pursuit. The bad guys started firing at the state guys and then fled on foot in a neighborhood in town. They then split up. One took hostages and tried to get away but was caught. But we still had two on the loose.

    I was assigned perimeter duty to keep everyone out of the neigbhorhood and check on anyone trying to leave. An idiot pulls up.

    Idiot -But officer I live in there.

    Me - Well sir you can't go in now and this is why.

    Idiot - But I live there.

    Me - We've got armed suspects who have shot at people and taken hostages in your neighborhood. For your own safety, your not going into the neighborhood until their caught.

    Idiot - But I live there and have no where to go.

    Me - I'm sorry but you can't go in.

    This went on for at least a minute and I started to lose my cool.

    Idiot - Still stuck on But I live there.

    Me - If you don't leave now your going to jail for obstructing.

    Idiot - But I live there.

    We do this for a minute.

    Finally I've really lost my cool as has the idiot and the idiot is saying "Look *******, I f**king live there." I lost it at this point, verbal judo (what a crock) had failed. I said "I don't give a f**king **** where you live, if you go in there you might get killed so leave."

    Idiot - "No."

    We ended up dragging him out of the car, carrying him down the street, and depositing him on a lawn. He finally did leave at that point. We couldn't actually arrest at the time because everyone was busy trying to catch the bad guys.

    Needless to say when I go back to work he's getting some charges on him.

    We ended up catching everyone. They are in jail for robbery, agg battery (they pistol whipped the clerk), attempted murder (shooting at cops), and kidnapping. I don't think we will be seeing them on the streets for five years or so.

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    What a frigging jerk. Like you need that sh**. I hope at the very least he gets a big fat fine!


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      My God, Zamboni, what kind of cop ARE you!? First you won't let that guy run into a burning building to save his precious car and NOW you won't let some guy go home and get taken hostage by some crazed homicidal maniac robber guys! You REALLY need to learn how to PROTECT and SERVE!

      *lmao* <hopes everyone knows that she was being sarcastic>
      This post has been rated PG-13 for your viewing pleasure.


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        I feel your pain!!
        "Speed is fine, but accuracy is final"--Bill Jordan


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          But Zamboni,

          He LIVED there!
          6P1 (retired)


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            Well, if you ask codz, you should have explained to him WHY he couldn't go in. He kept saying all it would take to get compliance is a polite explanation why.

            What a jackass!


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              Alright FLD:


              People have more fun than anybody.


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                Gee Zamboni, why are you guys just standing around doing nothing while criminals are doing evil deeds? You must be in a swat team or something.

                I've often wonderwomaned what I would do if that happened to me. After hearing you guys, I'd ask the cop once and then rent a motel room.


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                  Geezz.....We had a young man run into the neighborhood, then into a house, with a shotgun. I couldn't get to my house but I didn't complain. There were those arguing tho. But, they shut up when the police got a little moer adamant about it.


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                    REMINDS me of incident when we were doing security for Bush I when he was vice pres.

                    all sorts of rumors flowing around about death squads, Secret Service taking the officers assigned to the detail(none of us picked because of our PC or tactfulness) and giving us the secret decoder rings and stuff. Everyone was advised of what the SS had been advised of as a credible threat. Basically instructed that once the VP limo was in the block coming to the place he was going to speak, NO ONE on no uncertain terms was to be moving in a vehicle except the motorcade. use whatever force is necessary to effect that order.

                    OK, so after several hours of dealing with the usual stuff, we are given the heads up that the motorcade is within 1/2 mile and a total shutdown of the area is tking place.
                    NOW, with police cars and barricades everywhere here comes a guy in a dodge st wgn, with the contents of the cargo area covered with a tarp. He is a w/m squirrely acting and looking and he approaches our roadblock as the VP'cade turns into the block
                    I approach him and tell him he can't cross the block, he says he lives just down the street and he will get right across and not bother anything.
                    I tell him he can't cross the block, he insists he lives down the block and just wants to get home. I ask for his ID (a good stall for time) he says he forgot it at his home, I ask about running his plate and he says it's his sisters car and she is married so it is a different name then his.
                    He proceeds to take his car out of park and go forward,the VP is about 40 yards away now. I yell at him to stop and he does but says he is going to drive through. I reach in and put his car in park then quietly tell him he has the following options 1-he can sit there and watch the vp go by then when clear he can go on his way, 2- he can insist he is going on and I WILL take him out of his car by way of his side window, or 3- he can put the car back in gear at which point I will kill him and get a medal from the Secret Service. He looks at me, sees me unsnap my .45 and loosen it in the holster, then I emphasize BUT driving on his way is NOT an option....he chose option #1

                    some folks have to be hit betwen the eyes before they get the message


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                      Oh yeah, leave it to some bozos to not get the point. I compare them to turkeys, they will stand in the rain, look up with their mouths open until they drown.


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                        LAWCOP's story reminds me of an agency I was with. Right before I joined them, they had also worked a security detail for V/P Bush.

                        I was amazed at the stories they told after it was over. Anybody not obeying a lawful order such as that could be held incommunicado until after the VP is out of the area. They told our command staff in a special briefing that they took no chances with Presidential/Vice Presidential level security (duuuuh.) One of the Captains asked “Don’t they cry about civil rights?” They flatly told him that wasn’t a concern, and they had hundreds of lawyers that could deal with that later. Also, remember, that if they are in a shooting, they don’t stop, turn over their guns, blah, blah, blah. They reload, get back in the cars and leave. Command staff was given the business card of the SAIC of an FBI office they could contact to handle any such incidents, if they arose.

                        The rest of the stories are equally amazing, but not for a public forum, other than to say they are prepared for ANY possible threat.

                        I think Codz need to ask a Secret Service agent why he should leave, then argue with him. We all know that ain’t going to happen, but we can dream.
                        People have more fun than anybody.


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                          Speaking of Presidential/Vice Presidential Security Details, I was working fo r a University PD when VP Bush, Sr came for a speach.

                          We were in position to block traffic, when we got "the word" that the Motorcade was about a minute out.

                          We shut down ALL traffic and clear the intersections, when a rocket scientist tries to make a right on red. When I called him on it, he started arguing with me. About the time I thought I would have to have a heart to heart with him, the City's motor units, who were running in advance, rolled up to the intersection.

                          The look on this guy's face was priceless when to motorcade roared by !!!!

                          After they passed, and we re-opened the intersections, he just sat in his car for a few minutes, staring. When I knocked on his window and told him to move along, he replied "YES, SIR".

                          I nearly fell over laughing.
                          Optimistic pessimist: Hope for the best, but expect the worst.


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                            All of these non-compliant folks must be from the same gene pool

                            They even say the same dumb things and it's like there's a disconnect between them and the outside world.

                            The officer patience exhibited is exceptional and you should get medals for self-control under extreme duress.

                            Really amazing



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                              Ok, not a cop story (I'm not one), but I was working for a local Hotel (Amway Grand Plaza...the biggest one in Grand Rapids), which is where the President stays when in town. We actually had Ford, Carter, and Bush Sr. coming to the re-dedication of the Ford Museum. Anyway, three Presidents under one roof = LOTS of Secret Service.

                              Dinner Night comes, and I'm assigned to the outer perimeter of the Ambassador Ballroom. The SS man the inner perimeter which consists of the Foyer which can be enclosed by some HUGE oak doors. This guy approaches, and starts some small talk, which turns a little weird after a few minutes.....sooooooo, I think the guys carrying the Big Sticks might be interested:

                              I slowly back up to the doors and knock...

                              SS Guy: What up dude?

                              Me: This guy over here swears his invite got lost in the mail.

                              SS Guy: Nope, everyone that's supposed to be

                              Me: He also says that he knows the Bush's, and takes pics of them, and does drawings for them.

                              SS Guy: Hmmmmmmm (with scowl on face).

                              Me: He also wants to know what Mrs. Bush is wearing, and where she is seated.

                              SS Guys: Hold on dude......

                              SS Guy disappears and comes back with 10 or 12 buddies. We huddle, and I repeat the episode and point out the guy. One of the SS Guys says that he recognizes the freak from Chicago (their last stop before GR). The whole group moves into the small crowd that had gathered outside the Ballroom and towards Mr. the mishmash of bodies, SS Guys disappear...and so does Mr. Freak. I finally spot the "gang" moving down the concourse toward an elevator....Mr. Freak is being carried away bodily...hehe.

                              It is later determined that the guy is harmless....not exactly a mental giant..... but harmless. He complains the next morning about the horrible treatment he received during his stay, and demands an apology from myself, and the Hotel manager...and then throws in that he personally knows the Owner (Dick Devos....founder of Amway), and the General Manager, and will now see them immediately!!!!!

                              I got a turn at helping Mr. Freak move about the premesis and out the Front Door.

                              Those Secret Service guys are pretty cool to work with....we were setting up for the detail the night before, and were kidding around a bit...when one of them said "when the bullets start flyin', I'm gettin' behind this guy". We all started laughing...hahahaha.....heeeeyyyy waaaaait a minute.....(they were all looking at me). Just because I'm 6'6 270, does NOT mean I'm good for bullet stopping!!! I replied that "when the bullets start flyin', you can find me under that coffee table over there if you need me".


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