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River adventure!


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  • River adventure!

    Some may remember that my wife and I had planned a canoe trip down the Brazos River last fall, but we didn

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    I really enjoyed reading this Mike. Thanks for sharing it. Sounds like you and Connie had some pretty scarrrrrrry times.

    I agree with your list of things you learned. A good reminder for many people. I also had a good laugh at a few of them!

    I also agree with you that it seems there aren't many people around that are into the "adventure thing". A persons ability to survive in circumstances such as you have described can sometimes only be determined when they actually occur. (I have learned a great deal myself lately in the "ability to survive" area. Maybe, I'll tell you about it someday.)

    Anyway, I enjoyed reading this and I am glad you are both safely home!


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      Thanks WW.


      My daughter who lives not far from that area just called to say there was comfirmation of a tornado in that area! Yikes! It was right around us after all! You have to hear it in order to know it.

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        The bird part sounded awsome to watch.


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          Yeah it was! It made about 6 or 7 dives before it got caught. I don't know what got it, but I suspect a gar. We have seen some that are 5 or 6 feet long in this river.


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            Sounds like a "typical" canoe trip Mike.

            Where I'm at we float the Big Piney River. At this time of year it has class 4 rapids. We hunt and fish along the way and live like men ought to live. The last time we floated we were met mid stream by a rather large cinammon colored black bear. Normally, this dosent worry me, but two cubs were on the other side of the creek. That big bear was NOT happy with our presence. These ocassional bears are the main reason that I tote my .44 on trips.
            It was tense for a few minutes as were only in a foot of water and that bear was already huffing at us. The whole time I was thinking, I dont have to be fast, just faster than my friend in the canoe. We got through it though, I would have given anything to have had my camera.

            I love these canoe camping, hunting ,swimming ,fishing adventures that last a few days. Here in the Ozarks,you can go a long ways with out seeing someone and the scenery is AWESOME.

            If you ever come this way give me a shout and we'll take a trip. Spring squirrle starts in May. We can take our shotguns and eat squirrles and fish for a day or two. We'll likely see eagles, bears, deer ,turkey and every other kindof critter you can imagine. Those coyotes tend to get loud at night sometimes.We can have a real lesson in nature.

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              Thanks, maybe I can do that someday before I'm a helpless geezer.


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                We used to go camping a lot when I was younger. When my husband and I were engaged, I convinced him to go with us. Mind you, his idea of camping is a Holiday Inn.
                It was the first and LAST time of camping for him. What a wuss! lol The sun had almost set when we were taking our canoe back. As I paddled, he said, "What that's red stuff in the bushes?" I said, "Oh, those are alligator eyes" They were! He almost freaked and I said, "Would you calm down? They are more afraid of you then you should be of them." I slapped the water and the gators took off. We were only yards away from docking the canoe anyway. Everyone was dying lauging at him.
                So, he brings a tent with him, a small pup tent. He pitched it in a gully and I warned him that, if it rained, he'd be swimming. I refused to sleep in there. I slept in my parents big tent. Sure enough, it rained, a real gully washer. When I woke up, he was sleeping in my parents car. lol
                My brother decided to play a trick on him. He took two pen lights that had red lights an positioned them in front of the tent the next night while my husband (then fiance) was sleeping. My husband woke up, saw those, and tore his tent down trying to get out.
                This city boy was the object of much laughter while we were there. He fell asleep in lawn chair in front of a fire we had going and in wanders an armadillo. Everyone was used to seeing them but him. He woke up, saw the armadillo and broke the chair trying to get up.
                I don't think I have ever seen my father laugh so much as he did that weekend. I got back at my brother, who was also terrifying a friend we had brought along. I tied his toe to the zipper on the tent and the next morning, when my Dad got up, he unzipped the tent and my brothers leg went flying up. It scared my Dad who yelled and my brother fell off his cot. It was just a minor victory but at least we got back at him. lol
                My husband has never been camping again. I used to love it. I especially loved it when it rained and I would wake up to all the animal sounds around us.

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                  Mike that sounds like an awsome trip. I had wondered where you were! Glad you made it back without too much mishap!
                  6P1 (retired)


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                    That is so cool !!! It's great when everything turns out OK. I'm glad you and Connie made it home safely!! What's a gar?? and weren't you worried about them when you fell into the river?? If nothing went wrong it wouldn't be such a memorable experience. I'm getting these images of Deliverance... you didn't see anyone with a banjo did you??

                    Also, just curious, are you sure your cell phone would work out there? The last time I got stranded in a semi remote area, the cell phone didn't work for miles and miles and miles...

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                      SOunds like a very fun trip I might look into taking a nice canoe trip on of these days.

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                        that was a great story...i dont think i could have taken that trip...dont like big rocks in the water, or snakes. i consider myself adventurous in that i like to do things spur of the moment, but some things still scare me.

                        i have canoed down a river before...but we're talking cedar water in the pinelands of Jersey.

                        LOL @fastie re: the banjo
                        "You did what you knew how to do...and when you knew better, you did better." ~~Maya Angelou


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                          A gar is a fish called an Alligator Gar. It kind of looks like an alligator without feet. Lots of teeth.

                          Yes we are wary of them in the water but I suspect the splashing around scares them more.

                          We didn't hear any banjos, possibly due to all my 'dry firing'. PETA would be happy though because I didn't shoot any animals.

                          Don, thanks.

                          As far as cell phone reception, depending on where you are at it may or may not work. It's very iffy out there. Where we had our mishap at, I think it would have worked because we were up real high, and I could have gotten higher by walking up the road, but I'll never know.


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                            We're going again in the spring most likely.


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                              Sounds like an exciting trip. My wife wanted to take the canoe out this weekend but both the Angelina & Neches Rivers are running about a foot & a half over flood stage. Maybe next weekend.


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