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My vision of waterbeds will never be the same!


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  • My vision of waterbeds will never be the same!

    I wish I could see a picture of this! I had never heard of this but they say its been going on for years! Wonder why I never see them in waterbed commercials?

    Cows get waterbeds
    In search of better milk, farmers pamper their herds

    By Joseph B. Frazier-- The Associated Press

    MOUNT ANGEL, Ore. (AP) -- They say happy cows are more productive cows. Arie Jongeneel is hoping his herd of Holsteins, resplendent on their water beds, will bring forth a dairy deluge.

    In his quest to bump up production, Jongeneel, a dairy farmer for 32 years, is joining farmers in Europe and elsewhere who say such bovine pampering pays off. Jongeneel, who began experimenting with 15 specially made water beds in January, said he is ordering 80 more for his 1,600 cows in Oregon's lush Willamette Valley.

    "If it's better for the cows it will increase milk production, there's no doubt about that," Jongeneel said.

    On a recent afternoon at his farm, eight or nine Holsteins lounged on the water beds, looking thoughtful as they chewed their cud. The water beds -- rubber bladders filled with 68 litres of water and covered with thick rubber mats -- undulated when the 635-kilogram cows shifted their weight.

    By conforming to the shape of the cows, the theory goes, the beds give the animals a more comfortable rest. Distributors claim the beds reduce wear and tear on the cows' joints and prevent swelling and burning of hocks.

    The Dutch- and British-made water beds have been in use in Europe for seven or eight years, mostly for dairy cattle. They began appearing in the New York-Pennsylvania area and the Midwest about three years ago.

    "The cows liked it right away," said Jongeneel. "They laid right down and were comfortable."

    The water beds -- which go for about $150 US each -- are easier to clean than mucking out stalls, said Jongeneel.

    Mike Gamroth, a dairy cattle specialist at Oregon State University, said the beds seem to be a good idea for the cows, who lie down for six to eight hours a day to digest their food.

    "We have learned a lot in the past eight or 10 years about fine-tuning cow comfort," he said. "Milk production is so high you have to do all the small things to push it any further."

    Dairy cows might appear to be lazy because they lay around much of the time, but there's a lot of work going on inside their bodies. The cow's udder extracts nutrients from blood to produce milk. Five-hundred gallons of blood have to circulate through the udder to provide the nutrients in a gallon of milk.

    Besides water beds, researchers have tested sand, a traditional bedding material that requires a lot of upkeep because it scatters easily. Other options are plain rubber mats and mats containing tubes filled with shredded rubber from old tires.

    Some milk producers have reported an increase in yield they attribute to the water beds, Gamroth said, but there are no hard numbers available.

    John Marshman, a dairy farmer in Chenango County, N.Y., said he's seen cows wait for a shot at the water beds.

    "The first ones who come back from the milking parlour fill those stalls first," said Marshman, who has bought 150 of the beds.

    "They like them real well," he added. "I keep putting more in."

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    Ive seen that crap on tv


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      Cows in waterbed ads?


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        Originally posted by wonderwoman:
        Cows in waterbeds?
        Well, wife # 2 and I used to have a water bed and she CERTAINLY is an old heifer!
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          Don talk about foot in Mouth Disease. I thought I heard every thing but a water bed for a cow?
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            It is a well known fact among those who have dairy cattle that if they are comfortable and relaxed that they will produce more milk for you. I had heard of the waterbeds for them and I can see them using them to comfort the cattle a lot better. Kinda funny that some cows have waterbeds and I don't LOL

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              Whew! Thanks Joseph, I was beginning to think I was the only one who hadn't heard that cows used waterbeds!

              Don! Toooooooooooo funny!

              Klar, I wonder if they have trained the cows to work the temperature controls?


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                Waterbeds suck! They hurt your back and you can't get any leverage in them. They just move all over the place.

                And besides how does the cow actually seem happy? I would think they pop the matress with the hooves.
                "To each his own"


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                  Originally posted by ftrphxcop:
                  Waterbeds suck!
                  NO KIDDING???? What brand is that? Where can I buy one? How come mine would never do that?

                  Boy, the things I've missed living all those years waaaay out in a remote post. . .
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                    I don't know where you can get the models that suck, but I do know you can have plenty of fun on the standard model, with no sheets, and a little baby oil...


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                        Thanks Raychel! Thats a hoot! or I guess I should say thats a hoof...or a heif..


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